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Fruit skin also has a big effect! The wonderful use of fruit skin in life

fruit is a kind of food that everyone eats every day. We all know that fruit has many health preserving functions. In fact, not only the pulp of fruit has nutrition, but also the skin of fruit has great functions. Let's take stock of the wonderful functions of the skin of fruit in life!

what is the wonderful use of fruit peel in life?

1、 Apple peel

1. Apply lips to prevent cracking

Peel the apple and peel off the small pulp, drop a little honey, and apply it to the lips.

2. Wipe the body to eliminate fatigue

Wrap the apple skin with gauze or put it into the net pocket, put it in the bath, or directly wipe the skin with apple skin, which can eliminate fatigue and physical and mental pressure.

3. Remove dirt

Put the apple peel in the iron pot and boil it with water for 5-10 minutes, then wipe the iron pot with a cloth, the scale in the pot can be easily removed; mash the apple peel into mud, dip it on the cloth strip to wipe the bathtub, basin, toilet, etc., to make it bright as before.

2、 Orange peel

1. Carsickness prevention

The fresh orange peel is folded inward into double layers and pressed against the nostrils to let the juice enter the nostrils. The car sickness can be well prevented one hour or every other time before getting on the train.

2. Moisturizing

Put a little orange peel into a washbasin or bathtub, soak it in hot water to wash your face and body, moisturize your skin and prevent rough skin.

3. Remove peculiar smell

Kitchen, refrigerator, garbage can, car, where to put fragrance; put orange peel in microwave oven, small heat for 1 to 2 minutes, you can taste for microwave oven. Pay attention not to let the skin burn; put some orange skin in the flowerpot, which can not only be fertilizer, but also remove the peculiar smell; put some orange skin when steaming fish, which can remove the fishy smell; include a little orange skin when brushing teeth is inconvenient, which can eliminate the bad breath.

4, decontamination

Use orange peel to dip salt to wipe the oil stain on the ceramic ware, the decontamination effect is particularly good; use orange peel to wipe the oil stain on the clothes, and then rinse with water, the clothes are completely new.

5. Anti bite

Before going to bed, the mouth contains an orange peel, which is spit out after 15 minutes to prevent sleeping and biting teeth.

3、 Grapefruit peel

1. Make mosquito repellent incense

The thick white part, cut into strips and dried in the sun, has the function of ventilation and drying. Ignite the dried pomelo peel, which has the effect of mosquito repellent incense. Remember, don't bring skin, it won't light.

2. Pest control.

Dry the white part in the ventilated place, and then dry the water. It can be stored in a bag with small holes and put in the corner of the wardrobe or rice barrel to prevent insects.

3. Bath beauty

Boil the grapefruit peel with water, pour the refined grapefruit oil into the bathtub, or directly throw the grapefruit peel into the bathtub to take a bath. Grapefruit oil can beautify, effectively eliminate the fatigue of a day, and relieve the nerves.

4, to taste

Put the grapefruit peel in the room to dispel the foul smell; put it in the refrigerator to remove the peculiar smell of the refrigerator.

4、 Banana peel

1, decontamination

Using banana skin to wipe leather shoes, leather clothes, leather sofas, etc. can keep the luster of leather products and prolong the service life; using the inner side of banana skin to rub the rusty part of silver ware will immediately make a new look.

2, beauty

The inner side of banana peel is pasted on the face for 10 minutes, and then washed with water, which can make the skin moist and smooth; the inner side of banana peel is rubbed on the hand, which can prevent and cure the skin chaps of hands and feet.

3. Ripening

Put the banana peel together with the fruit to be ripened, and you will soon be able to eat the ripened fruit, such as mango, kiwi, etc.

Five. Pear skin

1. Remove oil stains from iron pot

Put the leftover pear skin into the pot, add water and cook it for a while before the pear skin, and the oil stain and dirt will be easily cleaned.

2, cough

The pear skin is washed and chopped, and the cough can be treated by adding the ice sugar stewed water suit.

6、 Kiwi peel

Cosmetology: massage the inside of kiwi skin after face washing, it can improve the rough pores, whiten the skin and fade the black spots.