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How to clean the washing machine at home? Tips for washing machine cleaning

Washing machine is a good helper for us to clean clothes and pay attention to sanitation. But after a period of time, is it easy to hide dirt and dirt? If washing machine is not clean, there will be a lot of dust and bacteria deposited in it, so it is better to clean it regularly.

The first method:

Add the water with special detergent for washing machine according to the normal water level of the washing machine, run the washing machine according to the normal washing mode, stop running for about 20 minutes, continue running the washing machine for 30 minutes after soaking for two hours, then drain the water and dry it.

The second method:

Open the detergent adding box of the washing machine, add the mixed detergent solution, run the washing machine, discharge the detergent from the drain pipe after half an hour, and then add the discharged detergent to the detergent adding box again, so many times, and finally wash it with water to dry.

The third method:

Add clean water to the high water level of the washing machine, soak it for about two hours, then add two bottles of hydrogen peroxide and a certain amount of washing powder, and clean it according to the normal washing process.

Disassembly and cleaning procedures of inner cylinder of automatic washing machine

1. Use a large screwdriver to remove the washing machine wave wheel, and then use a 10 good sleeve to loosen and remove the screws under the wave wheel.

2. Remove the four screws on the middle frame of the washing machine, and lift the middle frame out from the front end to the back, so as to expose the inner cylinder of the washing machine.

3. Loosen the screw at the upper edge of the cylinder, take out the cover, and then pull out the inner cylinder,

4. Soak the inner cylinder for half an hour with special detergent for washing machine, and then clean the inner cylinder.

What are some tips for washing machine cleaning

Some people are used to throwing all the changed clothes, no matter the coat, underwear or socks, into the washing machine or in the basin, which will make the clothes dirtier. There are many kinds of bacteria in the clothes you wear, and there are countless bacteria in the coat exposed to dust, including some strong pathogens, which will cause peculiar smell and foreign matters residue in the washing machine, so be sure to pay attention.

Today, I'd like to introduce how to clean the washing machine correctly. I hope it can help you.

1. Put the washing machine drain pipe on an empty bucket (with a certain height), close the water inlet valve and front door.

2. Pour the amount of water in three kettles into an empty container with scale remover (available on the market) and mix it evenly according to the proportion of scale remover / water = L / 2

3. Open the 'detergent adding box' and pour the mixed detergent solution from the detergent adding box, taking care not to splash on the skin.

4. Press the power switch of the washing machine, set the program to "washing program" (the longest time is selected), and make its washing barrel rotate; after the descaling liquid is discharged from the drain pipe to the barrel, add the discharged descaling liquid from the detergent adding box, so many times, until the program is completed, open the filter to clean the filter screen.

5. After the operation of the machine, open the water inlet valve and restore the drain pipe to its original position. Re select the washing procedure to make the washing machine run again. After the procedure is finished, clean the filter screen again. At this point, the descaling and cleaning are completed. After descaling, due to the effect of descaling liquid, the surface of washing machine drum will be slightly dark, but it will not affect the normal use. After washing several times, it can be restored to its original state.