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Precautions and taboos for traveling in haze how to drive in haze?

In autumn and winter, haze is prone to high incidence. For private car owners, they must pay attention to safety when traveling. How to drive in the face of poor road conditions and poor visibility in haze days? Follow Xiaobian to learn the precautions for traveling in haze days.

1. Wipe the windshield and lights

When driving, you need to make preparations. First, wipe the windshield, headlights and taillights clean, check whether the vehicle lights, braking and other safety facilities are complete and effective. Second, remember to carry triangle warning signs or other warning signs. When parking for repair in case of sudden failure, put warning signs at 50 places behind the vehicle to remind other vehicles.

2. Avoid using high beam

Turn on the front and rear fog lights, tail lights, width lights and low beam lights during driving, use the lights to improve the visibility, see the vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions in front, and let others see themselves. It should be noted that driving in haze days with high beam lights, the light emitted will be reflected by the fog, forming a white area in front of the car, but the driver can't see anything, so try not to use high beam lights.

3. Honk the horn frequently during driving

In the case of poor visibility in fog, honking the horn frequently can play a role of warning pedestrians and other vehicles. When hearing the honking of other vehicles, honking shall be immediately responded to prompt your driving position. When the two vehicles meet, the horn shall be honked to remind the opposite vehicle to pay attention, and the anti fog lamp shall be turned off at the same time to avoid dazzling the other vehicle.

4. Lightly step on the brake to prevent rear end collision

It is very important to keep a safe distance during driving. At the same time, it is not allowed to step on or release the accelerator, or brake or turn the steering wheel in an emergency. If you think that it is necessary to reduce the speed, you need to slowly release the accelerator, and then gently step on the brake several times in succession to prevent rear end collision.