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Why do doctors wear green clothes for operation? Do you know why

Our impression is that Chinese medical students are all wearing white coats, and the little sister of the nurse is also wearing a white coat. But when doing the operation, the doctor is wearing green clothes. Do you know why? When doing the operation, wearing green can relieve the visual fatigue, and will not make the doctor feel particularly tired.

During the operation, the doctor wearing green clothes is the doctor with the main knife. He is the core force of the hospital and the doctor with the most accumulated experience in the hospital. They also wear white coats at ordinary times. Only when they are in the operation can they change into green coats. Is such clothes sterile? More hygienic?

Of course not. In many hospitals, not only the surgeons need to change to green clothes, but also the walls in the operating room are green. The main reason is that if the doctors do the operation for a long time and stare at the red blood, they will have visual fatigue. If they stare at the white coat again at this time, they will have illusion.

Decades ago, there was a doctor who suffered from visual fatigue due to too long operation time, and then cut the wrong place when the patient died. So in the continuous improvement, doctors put on green clothes for surgery. Students of media should be familiar with the color ring. In the color ring, the red complementary color is just green, so doctors are wearing green clothes for surgery.

And surgery is a very serious thing. It's normal to have blood stains on the clothes during the operation, but the red blood stains on the white clothes will cause people to have bad emotions. Doctors also say that people will be tired if they are over tense. More green will relieve fatigue.

In the hospital, not all nurses wear white clothes, some are pink. Do you know why?