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What are the benefits of running for the old? What should the elderly pay attention to when running

running exercise is a kind of relatively basic fitness exercise. In our life, we often see some old people exercise on the road and in the square. What's the advantage of the old people's regular running? What should old people pay attention to when running?

benefits of running for the elderly:

1. Prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is a common and frequently occurring disease in the elderly. It is mainly due to the decrease of brain cells and atrophy of brain tissue. Through running exercise, reasonable application of quadriceps, stimulation of brain, rapid flow of blood, continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients to brain, delay brain tissue atrophy, will effectively prevent and treat the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

2. Promote blood circulation

Jogging can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body. The blood quality of people who insist on jogging for a long time is better than that of ordinary people. The adaptive change of the body to long-term middle and long-term running can improve metabolism, reduce the level of blood fat and cholesterol.

3. Improve lung and respiratory system

Long term middle and long-term running exercise can strengthen lung function, increase lung capacity. Regular long-term running can develop lung respiratory muscles, increase each breath volume and lung function. According to statistics, the amount of oxygen inhaled during jogging is 8 times more than that at rest, and the amount of oxygen inhaled by the elderly who insist on long-term jogging is 10% - 20% more than that of the general elderly.

4. Effective remission of climacteric syndrome

Running exercise can stimulate the brain and promote the production of hormones, so if you run before menstruation stops, you can effectively alleviate menopausal syndrome. In addition, as a leisure activity, running can not only adjust the secretion of hormones, but also relieve people's daily work and life pressure, so that women can maintain a good mental outlook.

5. Prevention of heart disease

Insist on running in order to improve the maximum oxygen uptake, at the same time, the oxygen delivered to all organs of the body is greatly increased, and the work quality of all organs is naturally greatly improved. In addition, middle and long distance running will accelerate blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the heart muscle, so as to prevent various heart diseases. Through the movement of lower limbs, it can promote the venous blood flow back to the heart and prevent the formation of venous thrombosis.

6. Prevention of osteoporosis

The factors of osteoporosis, such as age, heredity, race and so on, are uncontrollable, but some factors can be controlled. Long distance running is an effective way to control osteoporosis. Perhaps many people already know that to increase bone density, osteoporosis needs calcium first, but calcium alone is not enough. It is very difficult for the calcium in the body to be converted into bone if the human body is simply supplemented with calcium and does not contact with the sunlight and ultraviolet rays and does not carry out physical exercise.

7. Prevention of stroke

In order to prevent cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, we should first inhibit the intake of salt, prevent hypertension, inhibit vasoconstriction, and make blood circulation unobstructed. Jogging not only does not raise blood pressure, but also lowers it, which plays a good role in the prevention and treatment of cerebral hemorrhage. Through jogging, it can accelerate the fat metabolism in blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, increase the activity of capillaries, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels, so that the blood flow will be smooth and the blood vessels will not be easily broken.

Notes on running for the elderly:

Pay attention to four 'no's' after running

(1) . do not take a cold bath immediately after running.

(2) You should not drink ice water immediately. It is easy to damage your organs. If it is serious, it will blow up your lungs.

(3) , can't drink a lot of water immediately, can cause the body salinity to reduce shock greatly, especially drink.

(4) , can't sit down at once, will get asthma, the consequence is very serious, had better run after the step slowly walk will.