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How to use eye cream best? Details of the correct application of eye cream

Eye cream is a single product that many girls love and hate. For the choice of eye cream, first of all, we need to consider whether it will cause fat particles, second, we need to consider the moisturizing and anti wrinkle effects of eye cream, combined with the correct application steps of eye cream, so that we can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

The correct use of eye cream first, according to the texture to determine the correct use of an eye cream.

Gel / emulsion eye cream

Take a proper amount of eye cream on the belly of ring finger, light it under the eyes, and then gently draw a circle from the eye tail to the eye head to spread the eye cream. According to the absorption degree of the eye cream, circle and massage for 20-30 times. Finally, gently stroke and massage from the eye head to the eye tail, and repeat this step until the eye cream is completely absorbed.

Cream Eye Cream

Take a proper amount of it on the ring finger abdomen, first use the temperature of the finger abdomen to emulsify the eye cream, then use the two finger bellies to rub the eye cream evenly, and then gently massage the eye under the two eyes, repeat for 3-5 times, and then massage in circles from the end of the eye to the head of the eye until absorption.

Beauty Tips 1. When applying eye cream, the upper and lower eyelids should be taken into account. Many girls often neglect the care of the upper eyelids, resulting in dry upper eyelids and lack of elasticity.

2. Eye essence products need to be superimposed on eye cream after use, otherwise it will cause eye skin moisture and nutrients loss.

3. Eye skin is the most delicate part of human body, so when caring for eyes, all massage methods must be gentle, so as not to cause extra burden and damage to eye skin.