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When is calcium good? Are you eating right

no matter adults or children, everyone has experienced calcium deficiency. Sometimes the leg cramps suddenly, which is a typical calcium deficiency phenomenon! As for calcium supplement, it's also very selective. You can't eat it at any time. So when is the best time to eat calcium tablets? Now let's get to know. Do you have the right food?

When is the best time to take calcium tablets?

1. There are also three time periods in the morning, middle and late. Because the gastrointestinal absorption of human body is different, leading to the role of calcium supplementation is enhanced in sequence, and it is the strongest at night, so the absorption ability of calcium tablet after supper is the strongest. Of course, dinner can't be very late. It's better at seven or eight.

2. It is recommended to take calcium tablets orally when eating, or 45 minutes after eating, because the activity of gastric acid is the largest at this time, and calcium in calcium tablets is the most easily absorbed.

3. And calcium tablets. Don't go with beans and dairy products. This is a mistake for many people. Of course, they think that beans and dairy products contain high calcium, which can supplement calcium to a greater extent. But they agglomerate with calcium honor in the stomach, which is not easy to digest.

4. It should also be noted that the absorption of calcium in calcium tablets is afraid of acids, especially foods containing too much oxalic acid, such as spinach, pepper, and drinks with high carbonate content. So when it comes to calcium, try to eat less or not.

5. For children's calcium supplement, we should reduce the dosage, and pay attention to buy special drugs suitable for children, do not eat adult calcium tablets. If it's lumpy, it should be ground into powder and added to children's food.

6. For the elderly who often do heavy work and need calcium supplement, due to the poor absorption capacity of calcium in the body, it is recommended to increase the amount of oral intake, and then have a good rest at night to keep the spirit.

7. Finally, it should be noted that although calcium tablet is the fastest way to replenish calcium, it is still necessary to replenish calcium from daily diet (such as often sunburn for children). Do not rely on calcium tablet, after all, it is a drug, which is the third poison of drugs.