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Is it really good to have salt vegetables with porridge for breakfast? Nutrition experts tell you ho

Sometimes we want to eat light in the morning. Porridge with salted vegetables is the simplest, and it tastes fast, especially suitable for eating in the morning! So, is it really good to have salt vegetables with porridge for breakfast? Come and have a look.

is it really good to have salt vegetables with porridge for breakfast?

A bowl of porridge with a plate of salted vegetables, or a bowl of soy milk with two oil sticks, this is the most common breakfast form in northern China. After more than ten hours of fasting, the human body needs energy and nutrition supplement. High quality breakfast can provide strong nutrition support for our work in one day, but we prefer the habit of salted vegetables and hot food, which makes breakfast delay everyone's health.

There was a news report that four people in one family suffered from esophageal cancer. Experts point out that eating habits are the main culprit. The family likes to eat pickles with hot porridge, which greatly increases the risk of digestive tract cancer.

The inner wall of human esophagus is composed of mucous membrane, which plays a role of lubrication and protection when swallowing food. If you eat hot food for a long time, it will cause mucosal damage, forming esophagitis, and may become cancerous after a long time. Many people feel no discomfort when eating hot food, but feel very happy. This is because after eating hot food for a long time, the human body becomes more and more insensitive to thermal stimulation, but the hidden danger quietly takes root and sprouts.

As we all know, salted vegetable is a high salt food. If we eat it in large quantities for a long time, it will lead to hypertension and other diseases, just like the esophageal mucosa. If we eat too much salt, it will also cause damage to the gastric mucosa and increase the risk of cancer. In addition, nitrite will be produced during salting, which has certain carcinogenicity.

The high-quality breakfast should be of various types and reasonable collocation, preferably including four types of food: the first type is cereals and potatoes, namely steamed bread, bread, oatmeal, noodles, bean bags and other staple foods; the second type is meat, fish, eggs and other animal food; the third type is milk and beans and their products; the fourth type is vegetables and fruits. If the breakfast includes these four categories of food, it is nutritious; if it only includes three categories, it is nutritious; if it only includes two or less categories, it is nutritious. The simple breakfast with porridge and salted vegetables not only affects health, but also makes the blood sugar fluctuate greatly after meal and affects work efficiency.