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Xiaomi's activities in New York, US Xiaomi wants to enter the US market?

Recently, Xiaomi held an event in New York on December 8. Xiaomi said it would be the 'biggest party yet.'. Xiaomi is going to enter the American market?

Xiaomi said that in this event, it will show its' latest and greatest 'products, and users can also meet with Xiaomi's American team, special guests and even some famous celebrities.

Although Xiaomi has not confirmed that the event is related to mobile phones, if not, then Xiaomi's event in the United States is a strange thing, because there are only some accessories in the United States, such as rechargeable batteries and earphones, for which it is obviously unreasonable to hold a huge event.

In addition, Xiaomi has announced that it will hold a press conference in the UK recently, bringing Xiaomi mix 3 into the UK market and opening the first Xiaomi home in the UK. So it can be imagined that Millet's American activity is very likely related to its mobile phone entering the U.S. market.

If there is no accident, the event is likely to announce the cooperation process between Xiaomi and US operators. Xiaomi has said before that it needs the support of an operator to enter the US market.