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Can women wash their feet during the month? What should women pay attention to when washing their fe

women are in a state of great loss of vitality just after giving birth! All aspects of the body's resistance will be a little bit worse. We should pay great attention to it during the period of confinement. Can women wash their feet during the period of confinement? What should be paid attention to when washing feet during a woman's confinement?

can I wash my feet in the moon?

Mothers all know that we should pay attention to food and keep warm after childbirth, while the older generation just told young mothers that we should not wash our hair, feet or soak feet after childbirth. Can we wash our feet after sitting in the moon? Generally speaking, we can wash our feet after childbirth. Washing our feet after childbirth is helpful to the body's cleaning and blood circulation, and is helpful to sleep. At the same time, we should pay attention to the following matters when washing our feet or soaking our feet in the moon:

1. Wash with hot water. Postpartum mother should try to avoid touching cold water, wash feet also need hot water, if the water bubble feet can also be added in the water leaves.

2. Avoid taking too long. Washing feet or soaking feet for a long time is not good for mother's body, which is mainly because the water temperature is not easy to control when washing feet for a long time, and it is easy to catch cold.

3. Keep warm after washing. After washing feet with hot water, dry them with dry towel as soon as possible and then put on clean socks, pay attention to keeping warm.

What should I do if I have feet during the month?

Beriberi is a kind of disease symptoms that many patients are prone to suffer from, even pregnant women are no exception. Many pregnant women will suffer from beriberi symptoms during their confinement, which makes many pregnant women very worried. If the pregnant women suffer from beriberi symptoms during the confinement period, the most correct choice is to choose some drugs or treatment methods for treatment, so that the pregnant women will not be affected by beriberi during the confinement period.

1. Soak feet in white rice vinegar 1-2 times a day for half an hour each time. After natural drying, apply dakinin or Lanmei loom. After symptoms disappear, continue for 7-10 days.

2. Pregnant women have beriberi, not suitable for oral medication. External drugs can be used. It can be diluted and soaked with Bromogeramine disinfectant once a day for 20 minutes, and take 21 jinvita orally. Does not affect pregnancy.

3. You can use half white radish, cut it into thin slices, put it in the pot, then add some water, boil it for 3 minutes with brisk and then simmer it for 5 minutes, then pour it into the basin, wash your feet repeatedly after the temperature is moderate, and even wash it several times to remove foot odor.

4. Put a proper amount of salt and ginger in hot water, heat for several minutes, wash feet when not hot, and rub for several minutes, not only remove foot odor, but also feel relaxed, which can eliminate fatigue.

5. Take 1000 grams of Maifanshi, add 2000 grams of boiled water to soak, and use this water to scrub the affected areas such as beriberi or acne, eczema, prickly heat, etc. every day, which has a significant effect. Use 3 pieces of bingbo powder, 1 bag of Liuyi powder, mix well, wash and dry your feet in the evening, and then dry the affected area with medicine. Generally, 3 can work around.

How is heel ache to return a responsibility in the month?

Month sickness is a disease many parturients will get, because in life a little carelessness will leave this kind of disease. However, the pain in the heel of meniscus disease is something that many puerperas are talking about. The pain in the heel of meniscus disease is mainly manifested as pain and numbness in the heel, accompanied by dizziness, weakness in the waist and knees, etc., which is a kind of meniscus disease. So how is heel ache of month son ill to return a responsibility?

1. Not exercising properly

Many parturients do not exercise properly during the period of confinement. The feet did not go down to the ground, so the heel fat pad degenerated. Once the pregnant women went down to the ground, the degenerated fat pad could not bear the pressure of body weight and the vibration of walking, and the feet would have edema, congestion and other inflammatory phenomena after delivery. Therefore, the heel pain caused by this symptom was caused by the disease.

2. Improper size of shoes

A lot of puerpera can have disease of the month heel aches completely wear shoe code number to have relation. During pregnancy, the weight of pregnant women will gradually increase, of course, the feet will also increase, and even the feet will have edema, and many pregnant women will ignore these problems and not change the bigger shoes in time. This reason also can cause to have the month sickness heel ache.

3. Don't pay attention to keeping feet warm

Postpartum in the period of the month will strain the kidney gas, and if at this time wear slippers or barefoot sandals, without proper warmth, may be affected by the wind cold, which will lead to the blood circulation between the waist and feet is not smooth, resulting in heel pain.

4. Calcium deficiency

The reason of the pain in the heel of the moon disease is probably due to the lack of calcium. Many parturients do not pay attention to calcium supplement during confinement, resulting in calcium deficiency in the body. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement calcium properly during confinement, and eat more calcium rich foods, such as spareribs soup, chicken soup, eggs, crucian carp soup.

Conclusion: during the period of confinement, the puerpera's feet will have various symptoms of different severity. The doctor's guidance is to treat the disease with confinement. So we should know more about what can't be done during confinement, so as to prevent the accumulation and hidden danger of the disease. We must also keep the feet warm in place.