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Is the winter regimen suitable for moxibustion? Precautions and taboos of Moxibustion in winter

It's cold in winter. At this time, the main work of the body is to collect and store. Is this season suitable for health moxibustion? Moxibustion, as a more traditional way of health preservation in China, is loved by many people. Is moxibustion suitable for winter?

Is the winter regimen suitable for moxibustion

Many people will have cold hands and feet in winter. What's the cause? Experts tell us that the blood in the body comes from the heart, and the blood carries Yang Qi to all parts of the body. Sugar can provide heat for the body, but it must be oxidized before it can generate heat, so that the body's limbs will feel warm. Therefore, cold hands and feet have a great relationship with heart blood vessels. The main purpose of health preservation in winter is to promote the health of blood vessels. The main reason for cold limbs in winter is the dysfunction of cardiovascular system, which leads to abnormal blood flow and transportation. Using the concept of traditional Chinese medicine to explain is due to the deficiency of Qi and blood, resulting in poor blood flow and insufficient blood volume, so the body appears cold hands and feet and numbness.

In winter, moxibustion is a good way to speed up the movement of Qi and blood in meridians, bring enough yang to all parts of the body for nutrition, and finally achieve the purpose of strengthening the body. Moxibustion is of great significance in traditional Chinese medicine, and moxibustion in winter is a very intelligent decision.

Precautions for moxibustion in winter

Above we told you that winter is a very suitable season for moxibustion, but due to the time and climate are very special, so there are still many precautions in life that need special care. The specific precautions for moxibustion in winter are as follows:

First, due to the cold weather in winter, our skin is in a relatively dry condition. At this time, it is suggested that we must wash the local skin with warm water before moxibustion. And the exposed skin is better not to directly moxibustion or acupuncture, to avoid scars and eventually lead to frostbite.

Second, it is better to choose non-smoking moxibustion in winter, because the burning degree of non-smoking moxibustion itself is relatively small, which is not easy to cause scalding of local skin at this time.

Third, in winter, moxibustion should be selected carefully. It is recommended that moxibustion or acupuncture should not be used in sensitive and thin skin areas, because the temperature in winter is relatively low. If moxibustion is used directly in the heart, face and other areas where the skin is thin, the alternation of heat and cold will occur easily, and eventually the skin will be damaged.

Fourth, in winter, moxibustion must pay attention to fire prevention. Because of the cold weather, most of our clothes in this season are down clothes or cotton clothes, which are inflammables. In the process of moxibustion, fire should be used. If we don't pay attention to fire prevention, there will be a great potential danger. It is suggested that in winter, the best way is to choose non-smoking moxibustion and fire suspension moxibustion.

Fifth, because moxibustion itself is a health care method that consumes physical strength, it is suggested that this method should not be used in the initial recovery of serious illness, drunk or tired state to avoid the decline of energy in the body. In the end, it is not only unable to improve the physical fitness, but also may lead to the decline of physical fitness.

Sixth, it is better to use moxibustion carefully for health preservation for the poor or the elderly and children. In addition, moxibustion should not be used during menstruation, pregnancy and illness.

Seventh, moxibustion should not be used in the life of mental patients, because moxibustion may stimulate the kidney meridian of moxibustion patients to a certain extent, and it is easy to cause accidents.

Eighth, if you don't choose the right moxibustion method, it is easy to cause local skin suppuration and abscess. It is suggested that you should not break the abscess to avoid infection, but should go to a professional hospital for treatment.

Ninth, moxibustion has a good effect on many kinds of diseases. It also has a certain therapeutic effect on insomnia or gastrointestinal diseases, but it needs to pay special attention to the time of moxibustion. It is suggested that the time of moxibustion for insomniacs should be before sleeping, while for patients with gastrointestinal diseases, they should be after having a full meal, so that the effect may be better.

Tenth, there are also a small number of people in the process of moxibustion appear dizzy moxibustion, it is recommended not to over tension at this time, which is caused by different physical conditions, it is recommended to stop moxibustion immediately for a rest to recover.

Xiaobian proposal

In winter, the weather changes greatly. People with weak physique are easy to suffer from diseases. Xiaobian suggested that this type of people should be able to do a good job in defense in advance, and change their physical conditions according to different climates so that the body can adapt to avoid diseases as soon as possible. Moxibustion is a good way to mobilize various body diseases, so that the body is in a yin-yang balance. Xiaobian suggested that at this time, moxibustion should be carried out on Guanyuan point, Shenque point, Mingmen point, Yongquan point, Tanzhong point, Zusanli point, etc., and warm keeping work should be done at the same time, so as to spend the cold winter more healthily.