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Why do many girls like to wear disposable masks when they go out? The question is finally answered

it's understandable that girls wear masks when they go out in winter, but why do many girls wear masks in summer? Many girls like to wear masks to go out, sometimes on sunny days or at night, which is very confusing. Why do you need to take a disposable mask when you go out? This makes not a few men feel confused. Why are these girls so persistent about wearing masks? I asked my female friends, why do you often like wearing masks to go out? My friend replied: no makeup.

Air pollution and haze prevention

I don't think it's necessary to say that. I believe many people still have a lot of experience, especially the people living in the first and second tier cities in the North should have more say. Because the diameter of floating particles in haze is generally less than 0.01 μ m, they can enter the bronchi or even the lungs directly through the respiratory system. Therefore, haze has the greatest impact on the human respiratory system, resulting in diseases mainly concentrated in respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, nasal inflammation and other diseases.

Allergy prevention

In addition to the haze in winter, willow catkins will also fly all over the sky at the turn of spring and summer. Many friends with rhinitis say it's really painful. Willow catkins fly all the way to your nostrils, and they will start sneezing all the time. You can't stand it. Wearing a mask at this time will solve the problem immediately.

Keep out cold and sun

In winter, the weather is dry, the cold wind blows on the face is not conducive to skin maintenance, the mask can reduce the dry feeling of the skin to a certain extent, but also protect the skin from frostbite. In summer, the mask can play a good role in sun protection, avoid direct sunlight, and resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Cover sensitive or unsightly areas

A lot of girls suddenly have a lot of 'pimples' on their faces and feel ugly, so they cover them with masks. They think that this will not affect their appearance, but also make them feel comfortable communicating with others. Cell bacteria once had a friend, because did the tooth correction, do not want to be seen by others, so they wear masks every day until the end of the tooth correction. In this way, she became the most mysterious person in our class. Many boys wanted to see her face.

Improve face value

Girls are very particular about wearing and matching. For example, how to match the color of clothes with the color of shoes? Which style of pants will look longer. Girls know how to 'develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses', and how to dress to make themselves look more beautiful. So for some girls with a round face, they will pay more and more attention to the help that masks can bring to their face. After many girls put on masks, their faces will not look too round, so as to improve their beauty value.

A fashion

Nowadays girls like to catch stars, especially when they are faced with some fresh meat and fairies. Cell bacteria have a lot of friends around, but also by the influence of people around, just like wearing masks more and more. They think it has become a fashion to wear masks, which will make them more mysterious or cool.

Really? I don't know. But maybe 'following the trend' has already become a kind of life habit of people.