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Vinegar black beans with raw beans or cooked beans? How to make black beans with vinegar

The beans in vinegar soaked black beans are good for raw or cooked. Vinegar soaked black beans are a kind of food with very good health care effect, with the effect of prolonging life, softening heart and brain blood vessels, relieving backache, eyesight and hair. They are the health care food that many old people like very much.

Black bean is a kind of legume with rich nutrition. Its protein content is as high as 36%, fat content is also 16%, vitamin B and vitamin E content are also relatively high. In addition, there are some beneficial elements such as polysaccharides and isoflavones, and the normal mineral content is also good. In short, black bean is a good health food, and people's chance to eat black bean is really not much, vinegar bubble black bean is a kind of food.

From the point of view of nutrition, it is better to soak black beans with vinegar. Because some nutrients are relatively 'sensitive', no matter whether they are fried or boiled, they will cause some damage. In theory, this is half the work. So if you want to supplement the relevant nutrition, you can try vinegar soaked black beans, but people with gastrointestinal problems or kidney function problems are better not to try.

The way to soak black beans in vinegar is also simple:

Select the amount of beans to be soaked in the container prepared by yourself, pick up the black beans, and try to use the full and high-quality ones;

Select the good black beans to wash quickly and then drain the water. If you are in a hurry, follow the old rules: put on the hair dryer;

Then, just like making kimchi, put the beans in a clean container without water or oil, about 60% full;

Then add vinegar without beans, sealed in the shade, waiting for more than 1 month is almost enough.

This thing really doesn't pay much attention. As long as the beans are good and the vinegar is good, it's OK. But it's really not delicious. The high-quality vinegar and the nutrients in black beans are really good for the human body. But this little friend who wants to try "tonifying the kidney" for the purpose, I advise you to think about it a little more. Black beans are believed to nourish the kidney, because in ancient times, black represents water, and the kidney controls the body's drainage. The relationship between the two is because of 'color', so this matter needs to be measured by yourself.