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How to turn off the dual authentication of Apple mobile phone? Apple Mobile dual authentication shut

How to turn off the dual authentication of Apple mobile phone? Although domestic mobile phones are gradually rising, apple mobile phone still attracts many users with its natural system advantages. Many Apple users want to turn off dual authentication, but they have been struggling to find a way. Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

IOS 12 turn off dual authentication method

1. First, you need to enter the apple official website, and you need to slide down to see a [manage your Apple ID] text;

2. Click Manage Your Apple ID to enter the login interface of Apple ID account, the password prompt box appears, enter the password, click the arrow to login, then enter the [dual authentication] interface, at this time, you will receive a verification code sent by apple to the mobile phone;

3. Then open the Apple phone, and you will see a prompt of [Apple ID login request]. If you log in, you can click [allow];

4. Click "allow" in the "Apple ID login request" pop-up box to display the Apple ID verification code.

5. Enter the verification code of Apple ID in the browser [dual authentication] interface, and then enter the account information interface;

6. Find the edit icon in the account information, and double authentication will be displayed. Click open.

7. Click the [Edit] button, and you will see the blue [close dual authentication] function;

8. Click this close function. For the sake of users' security, Apple needs to input the corresponding account password and security prompt protection.

9. Click the "close dual authentication" function button on the pop-up box to enter the pop-up box for selecting a new security question. Here, re select three security questions and set the answers. Be sure to remember the set questions and answers, because after dual authentication is turned off, when you need to access the account and reset the password, you need to verify the identity through the security prompt question.

10. When users fill in the correct questions and answers, they need to conduct security verification. Here is to set the birth date and security email. If they forget the password, they can set it by email.

11. After entering the correct date and email, select [complete security information], and then the dual authentication will be automatically closed.