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How does Evergrande break the record in China? Whose record is Evergrande breaking

on the afternoon of November 11, Beijing time, the Chinese Super League of this season has all ended, and the championship suspense in tianwangshan has ended. However, due to the poor performance of the first half of the season, Evergrande has won a big victory in the last game even though it has been catching up with Evergrande in the second half of the season!

However, this round of Evergrande still attracted the attention of the media. In the last round, Evergrande lost three points in the face of its relegation rival Chongqing svei. Although it had lost the championship at that time, the fighting spirit displayed by Evergrande made the fans and the media very dissatisfied. Therefore, this home game reached a face saving battle against Tianjin Tai.

In addition, Evergrande also has a goal in this game, which is to break its own goal record in the Chinese Super League. Before the start of the game, Evergrande has scored 77 goals, and as long as two goals are achieved, it can break 78 goals in 2013 Evergrande single season. Get back a little face for losing the champion of CSL.

The trend of the game is not the same as the fans' imagination. In the last round, TEDA's current relegation situation is very bad. It's much better than Evergrande in terms of war spirit. After the start of the game, Tianjin TEDA broke Evergrande's goal. After that, although Evergrande equalised the score, Deng Hanwen was in the first half of the stoppage period in order to defend achimpong and win for the team It's shadowed.

However, in the second half, Evergrande, who played less than one player, did a more thorough defense and counter attack, even scored two goals, and Alan's goal also made Evergrande's goal number reach the 80 goal mark, becoming the first team to enter the 80 goal mark in Chinese football over the years. In 83 minutes, Evergrande did not give up the attack, Zheng Long added to the cake, while in the stoppage stage, Evergrande's young general made his debut in 1999 Goal, let Evergrande's final goal number set at 82.

Although it has broken the 80 goal mark and surpassed the goal record of Evergrande in 2013, compared with the data of goals and losses in 2013, although the number of goals in 2013 is 78, the number of goals and losses is only 18, and the net winning goal reaches 60. Although Evergrande has performed very well in the offensive end of this season, it is because of the aging of the rear defense players, there is no sitting outside Asia. The number of goals lost in this season has reached 36, which is the same There is a huge gap in governance compared with 13 years.

And Evergrande's 82 goals also mean that the Chinese Super League has entered an era of attacking football. In fact, the winning Shanghai and Hong Kong have also scored nearly 80 goals this season, which also shows the entry of high-level foreign aid in the front field, which makes the Chinese Super League enter a more open era, which also makes the Chinese Super League more exciting. Now, although Evergrande has lost the championship in this season, the second half of the season has been lifted The storm of attack really brightens our eyes. Maybe Evergrande will complete the transformation between the old and the new in next year, or it will be an important member of the championship team.