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Who is not suitable to eat persimmons? Is it suitable for diabetics to eat persimmons

The main ingredient of persimmon is persimmon. It tastes sweet and glutinous. It's a snack that many people like. Persimmon is delicious, but not all people are suitable for eating persimmon, so diabetes patients are suitable for eating persimmon?

Can diabetes eat persimmon?

Diabetics can't eat persimmons. The sugar content of persimmon is relatively high, and it is more concentrated after being made into persimmon, which has a greater impact on blood sugar. The diet of diabetic patients should be based on the standard weight and labor intensity to determine the total calories. On the premise of fixed total calories, choose foods with low sugar content and low sugar index, and eat less sweets and high fat foods.

Who can eat persimmons and who can't

1. It is suitable for patients with dry stool, hypertension, thyroid disease and long-term drinking;

2. The patients with diabetes, diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, loose stools, weak and sickly body, postpartum and exogenous cold should not eat persimmon; the patients with chronic gastritis, delayed emptying, dyspepsia and other low gastric motility function, and the patients should not eat persimmon after subtotal gastrectomy.

3. Persimmon can not be eaten as breakfast, because persimmon can not be eaten on an empty stomach. When eating persimmon on an empty stomach, the concentration of stomach acid is high. At this time, eating persimmon is easy to suffer from stomach persimmon stone disease; persimmon should not be eaten with crabs.

The effect of persimmon

Persimmon cake can stop diarrhea

Persimmon cake has excellent antidiarrheal effect, which can be used in the treatment of human diarrhea and enteritis and other diseases. In addition, persimmon cake has certain insecticidal effect, which also has a good elimination effect on parasites such as Ascaris lumbricoides and tapeworms.

Persimmon cake can stop bleeding

Persimmon cake has a good hemostatic effect, and has good relieving and therapeutic effects on many kinds of human bleeding diseases, especially for hemoptysis and hematochezia. In the treatment, persimmon cake can be fried together with honey and then refined into pills, which can be taken directly when necessary.

Nutritional value and efficacy of 'persimmon cream'

That is to say, the white frost on the persimmon cake is sweet and cool. It has the effects of clearing heat, promoting fluid production, moistening the lung and relieving cough.

According to the records of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, persimmon frost enters the lung meridian in white color. Its smoothness can also benefit lung phlegm, and Its Moistening can also nourish lung dryness. 'persimmon frost can cure chronic bronchitis, dry cough and pharyngitis.

Persimmon cream 10g, borneol 0.5g, mint 5g grind powder, rub the affected area, can treat aphthous ulcer and angular stomatitis.