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What's the use of Alipay double 11 gold fingers? Function and specific operation steps

The double 11 on Alipay code is a newly launched activity, among which there are gold fingers. So how do we use the gold fingers? Now let's take you to understand the function and specific operation steps of Alipay double 11 gold finger.

Golden finger tutorial:

After the double 11 lottery on Alipay code, the user with golden fingers can choose 1 groups to modify the double 11 codes of at least 1 double 11 icons, which can enhance the award level of the modified code, and the gold finger can not be revoked after use.

Only one gold finger can be used for each group of double 11 codes, and only one icon in one group of codes can be modified for each gold finger.

usage method:

1. Select an award-winning drawing in the wireframe to modify.

2. Modify it to any figure in the officially published [winning code of the match] wireframe and select it.

3. Click [confirm modification]