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Will vitiligo be passed on to the next generation? Daily diet taboo of vitiligo patients

Vitiligo is a kind of depigmentation disease of skin, mucous membrane and hair caused by the obvious decrease or absence of melanocytes. For many people who love beauty, is suffering from this disease painful? And many people are very concerned about the problem is vitiligo will be inherited?

Can vitiligo be inherited?

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease. It has familial heredity, but it is not the main cause of the disease. Heredity accounts for 3%-5% of its incidence. Pure genetic factors do not necessarily lead to vitiligo. Under the genetic background, the combination of internal and external factors, the interaction of various factors will lead to the occurrence of vitiligo. Pay more attention to the role of external factors, such as environmental factors, lifestyle, work environment, eating habits, mental state, air, water, etc., to prevent vitiligo.

Precautions and taboos of vitiligo

1. Vitiligo can also have complications, such as diabetes, pernicious anemia, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, etc. The phenomenon of self-healing of vitiligo is very rare, but occasionally it also occurs. However, the probability of recurrence of vitiligo is very high whether it is self-healing or after treatment.

2. Find vitiligo to the hospital as soon as possible after the diagnosis, strive for early detection and early treatment. At the beginning of the disease, small white spots, the treatment effect is relatively good, many patients can be completely cured. Daily to increase the sun, but avoid excessive, to sunscreen.

3. Patients with daily vitiligo should actively cooperate with doctors, persevere in treatment, avoid skin trauma, avoid homomorphic reaction, strengthen physical exercise, enhance their physical fitness and immunity, and pay attention to the non use of stimulating cosmetics and external drugs.

matters needing attention:

Patients with vitiligo must avoid tobacco and alcohol, to avoid tobacco and alcohol continue to harm the immune function of the human body to produce harmful stimulation to the skin. It is forbidden to use vitamin C drugs or foods containing vitamin C, because vitamin C has the effect of depigmentation on skin, and foods rich in vitamin C should be eaten as little as possible.