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What is the smart store under tmall? What does tmall smart store include?

The first tmall smart store in the world has been piloted. The address is in Hangzhou. Many people will be curious about this new product. What is the smart store under tmall? What does tmall smart store include?

What is tmall smart store?

The most important thing for smart stores is to digitize the store passenger flow, rebuild the connection between stores and consumers, and form a new scene.

The operation of smart stores in the front end is very simple, and there is a management background in the back end. When consumer assets are generated in a store or an area, all the generated consumer data, transaction data, member data and various interactive data will finally settle in the brand headquarters. Brand is a large consumer data pool, where it can continue to operate.

With assets, each level of the retail system can do its own marketing tmall activity: stores can do customer care, shopping guide can do shopping guide work. It is also more flexible in store clustering, which can be grouped according to virtual areas, unified planning of marketing activities, and touch and marketing for consumers.

It is very important that the data bank of the original brand serves more online. Today's smart store will greatly enrich the data of the whole brand, because it can collect the data at each node.

What does tmall smart store include?

Smart store, including four modules

First of all, from the moment consumers enter the store, they will improve the comprehensive recognition rate of a single customer through various technologies, which is called intelligent passenger flow.

Secondly, after consumers enter the store, there will be a shopping guide path in the store. Just now, you have seen the smart dressing mirror, smart makeup test mirror and smart shelf, which are collectively referred to as the smart shopping guide in the store. It can improve the volume and conversion rate of the whole store, and at the same time, even if there is no transaction, it can retain data and settle in the data bank for secondary contact and marketing.

Then, the intelligent transaction is the process of transaction in combination with the manual account.

Finally, what's more important is that when consumers leave the store, they can continue to reach consumers. We can reach them every time we launch a new product, have a marketing campaign, or when there are some changes in the consumer's life cycle, and the whole process revolves around the store.