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Who is Vermeer vitiligo supermodel? History of vitiligo supermodel

Yesterday, a vitiligo supermodel was very concerned? Winnie Harlow is the only Supermodel of vitiligo in the world. From Canada, she stands out from the national supermodel competition. In just a few years, she has become one of the first-line supermodels! Vitiligo has become her logo and is favored by designers of various brands. Such a unique supermodel can be seen on Marc Jacobs, coach and other T stages!

Although there is vitiligo, Winnie with perfect body proportion has quickly become the darling of fashion, and can be seen in every red carpet or fashion week!

In this world, some people have black skin, some people have white skin, and I have both. My story, needless to say, is painted on me. 'I have inherited vitiligo since I was a child, but it's also a coincidence. Winnie's white patches are very symmetrical. Many people mistakenly think that which season's popular makeup looks are painted!

Winnie has brought visual impact to everyone, but you should know that Winnie was excluded by her classmates because of her white spots when she was young. She was very inferiority, dropped out of school and thought of suicide. However, the idea of being a model made Winnie stick to it. First of all, she learned to accept herself psychologically, so that others could recognize her!

She was rejected by the model company again and again, but it seems that God began to care for the goddess who was kissed by an angel and left a white spot. In the 2014 American supermodel competition, she stood out because of her vitiligo, which made people remember her! She succeeded! Then, she became a member of the supermodel! The show continued, the cover continued, and the advertisement continued!