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Alipay flower Bai Koi activities play the introduction of flowers, Koi flowers fall home?

Close to the double 11, do you all start chopping your hands? Do you spend all the flowers? Don't worry. Today, Alipay has launched a flower carve. This time, the koi is a real discount. I don't know who will spend this time.

Alipay flower Bai Koi play:

According to the "Tmall double 11 Alipay help you also spend activities rules", will be in November 20th, with the winning user's current flower quota as the standard, issued 12 equal amount with the amount of flower repayment red envelopes. Red packets are issued in one time, from December 2018 to November 2019, and one is used every month.

It should be noted that if the current spending quota of the winning user multiplied by 12 exceeds 49999 yuan, then it will be capped with 49999 yuan, and 11 4166 yuan repayment red packets and 1 4173 yuan repayment red packet will be issued.

As of press release, Alipay's micro-blog forwarding volume has exceeded 2 million times, and the winning rate has been greatly reduced.

However, all the major APP of the Ali department in the commentary are also coming to the hilt. Dozens of officials, such as flying pigs, Taobao, box Ma Tian cats, rookies and so on, have indicated that they are forwarding micro-blog to draw a koi carp. '