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How to play with tmall's double 11 forwarding Weibo and robbing red packets? Senior player teaches y

Weibo launched a cooperation activity with tmall on the occasion of the double 11. You can extract cash red packets by forwarding Weibo! So, how to play with tmall's double 11 forwarding Weibo to grab red packets? Senior old play tutor you!

Tmall double 11 can be said to be the most expected. Of course, the reason why tmall has such a great charm is because of welfare. Not only can Taobao be opened to rob red envelopes every day, but also can Weibo be forwarded to rob red envelopes. So what's the way to play this activity? Let's get to know with Xiaobian!

2018 tmall's double 11 forwarding microblog to grab red packets play method:

1. Open Weibo, click Find at the bottom, enter the details page, and then click double 11 red packet:

2. After entering the "double 11" activity page, click the "grab red envelope" button immediately:

3. Click the button and you will be forwarded. Click the [send] button in the upper right corner to:

4. After sending successfully, click the [message] button to find the message from the [double 11 burst list]:

5. After entering, click directly to enter, see the "grab red packet" button and click:

6. After clicking, you can see the amount of red packets you have captured:

The above is the whole process of tmall's tweeting and red packet grabbing on the 11th day of 2018. I hope it can help you and let your friends join us if you are interested!