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Guangdong team 9 winning Events Review! Guangdong waits for Allianz's return to hit the 9th Champion

according to Tencent sports, on November 8, 2018, Guangdong team won 9 consecutive games in Guangzhou, and Guangdong team won 9 consecutive games in retrospect! Guangdong is waiting for Allianz to return and hit the 9th championship!

review of Guangdong team's 9 consecutive victories:

In the ninth round of CBA, Guangdong team played away against Guangzhou team. Although Guangzhou team played a little fiercely under Hu'an's leadership in the new season and the players played well, Guangdong team still beat Guangzhou team 125:110. After this war, Guangdong team won nine consecutive victories since the start of the game. In this game, Zhou Peng scored 26 points and 5 rebounds, and Delaney scored 25 points and 6 rebounds, while Williams hit 37 points and 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, becoming the team's first shot. Guangzhou team, xire Lijiang 18 points, Fugue 20 points 7 rebounds 6 assists, Spitz 17 points.

Throughout the whole game, Guangzhou team played well at the beginning of the game, and the hit rate was also very high. In particular, xire Lijiang's three-point goal was a left and right bow, which made Guangdong team invincible. On the contrary, Guangdong team was a little slow and hot, and frequently appeared the situation of playing iron. After half-time battle, Guangzhou team led the stronger Guangdong team by 60:53 by 7 points. However, in the second half, the situation suddenly changed. Guangdong team's outside feeling was all open. Delaney, Williams, Zhao Rui and others all scored three points. In particular, the attack of Williams made it difficult for Guangzhou team to parry. Soon, Guangdong team overtook the score. In the fourth quarter, Williams made a long-range shot of 3 points + a strong attack of 2 points. After 5 points in a row, Guangdong team was 14 points ahead, basically big Finally, Guangdong team beat Guangzhou team by 15 points and won 9 consecutive games since the start.

The reason why Guangdong team has won nine consecutive games since the start of the match can be said to be due to a helpless move, which is inseparable from the joining of small foreign aid WEIMS. Because Zhu Fangyu, the general manager of the team, signed Morris the big foreign aid and Delaney the little foreign aid early this summer. However, there was an unexpected situation. Morris, the big foreign aid, was injured in the CBA pre-season game that Guangdong team participated in, and entered the truce stage. Zhu Fangyu invited a little foreign aid, WEIMS, to form the formation of double small foreign aid.

However, this change also allows the head coach Du Feng to speed up the team. This season, Guangdong team suddenly changed its attack and defense quickly, and many opponents were hard to parry. Even a strong team like Xinjiang team was once defeated and collapsed in front of Guangdong team. From the performance of foreign aid, it seems that Wilms is more suitable for Guangdong team than Delaney. His offensive power has become the largest lethal weapon of Guangdong team, with an average score of 25.8 points and the first scorer of Guangdong team. In the game with Guangzhou team, Wilms is the highlight data of 37 points, 8 boards, 5 assists and 3 steals.

From the performance of WIMS, he is also an all-round offensive player, three points, two points, breakthrough, assists and so on. It can be said that WIMS is the best foreign aid for Guangdong team in recent years. However, the main reason why Guangdong team can't win the championship in recent years is that they can't attract enough foreign aid, which is equivalent to invisibility when it comes to key competitions. Now, with the joining of Williams, the strength of Guangdong team is undoubtedly a higher level, and he will be a strong helper for Guangdong team to win the championship this season. Now the Guangdong team, maybe want to win the team's ninth championship, is really a play.