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Is it necessary to wear moon shoes during the month? How to choose moon shoes?

as we all know, female friends are particularly important during the period of confinement. If they take proper care of their bodies, they will recover quickly. If they don't take care of their bodies properly, they will fall down easily. In the future, when they reach middle age, their minor physical problems will gradually show up! So, is it necessary to wear moon shoes during the month? How to choose moon shoes?

benefits of yuezi shoes:

1. The material is light and the load is reduced. Yuezi shoes are made of special materials, which can reduce the weight of shoes to the greatest extent. Mother wears them more lightsome and walks more easily.

2. It is easy to absorb sweat and has good air permeability. During the month, women like to perspire. If sweat stays on the surface of the body, it is easy to get cold. If feet get cold, it will let the cold enter the body. Yuezi shoes are made of materials with good thermal effect, which are breathable and sweat absorbing, and are very suitable for women in yuezi.

3. Soft base, no tiredness. The sole of yuezi shoes is very soft and comfortable, and it has flexibility when walking. It can completely relax the swollen feet after childbirth, which is very helpful to prevent heel pain.

4. Good airtightness, more warmth. Moon shoes are more airtight than ordinary slippers. They can not only wrap the first half of the foot, but also keep the heel warm.

5. Good anti-skid function. In consideration of the weakness of the mother after childbirth, most of the moon shoes have antiskid function to prevent the mother from falling.

How to choose moon shoes?

Choose a comfortable moon shoes, it's very important for mothers after childbirth. Here are some tips for choosing moon shoes:

1. Proper size. Choose the size of the moon shoes according to the size of the maternal feet. Generally, the shoes should be about one centimeter longer than the feet. If the feet are swollen seriously, the shoes should be one or two sizes larger depending on the situation.

2. Keep warm and absorb sweat. Good Moon shoes can not only keep feet warm, but also absorb sweat. Lying in women during the month prone to sweating, the moon shoes can be very good to achieve the role of sweat absorption, otherwise the sweat left on the surface of the body after the wind is easy to make lying in women cool.

3. Good sealing performance. Purchase moon shoes must be able to wrap the heel, more convenient and warm.

4. The sole should be soft. Some unsuitable shoes are easy to make people's feet ache, so we must choose moon shoes with soft and comfortable soles.

5. The sole is antiskid. After childbirth, the mother is weak and needs to take care of her children, so she can't fall down and hurt her body. The moon shoes should have antiskid effect.

6. Easy to clean. Should choose easy to clean the moon shoes, can reduce the post natal mother's cleaning work.

The above is the common sense of yuezi shoes brought to you by the editor of life common sense net. During the period of yuezi, you must do a good job in daily care, and pay more attention to all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Postpartum women sweat more, very easy to cause a cold, is in the aspect of keeping warm, we should pay special attention to the feet can not catch cold, choose a suitable moon shoes to help the feet keep warm, can let the swollen feet get a complete relaxation, which is also very beneficial for the recovery of postpartum body.