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How to do often to computer eyesight bad? Tips for protecting eyes of office workers

in our daily life, we often face the computer, and our eyesight will slow down. If we face the computer for a long time, it will hurt our eyes! So, how to often face computer eyesight bad to do? Here are some tips for office workers to protect their eyes.

what should I do if my eyesight is not good?

1、 Blink often

When many people use computers, they blink less often than usual. The reduction of blinking times will reduce the lubrication effect of tears on the eyeball, resulting in frequent dryness and discomfort. If you have to use a computer for a long time, consider artificial tears.

2、 Rest your eyes

Every 40-50 minutes, you should rest 10-15 minutes. The younger you are, the shorter the operation time. Take your eyes off the screen every 10 minutes, and spend 10 seconds staring at distant objects or looking up. When resting, you can turn your eyeballs up and down, left and right, close your eyes, lie on your back or look far, and avoid using your eyes at close range. Apply 2-3 times a day to eyes.

3、 Change the pace of work

Get up and walk at least every two hours to rest your body and eyes.

4、 Pay attention to the position of the light source

The computer screen should be placed so that the strongest light source is on the side. And the brightness of the surrounding environment should not exceed the brightness of the screen. Use an adjustable light source so that the light does not go straight into the eyes or cause the screen to reflect light.

Reflections on the screen can cause discomfort to the eyes. The strongest reflections come from above, including fluorescent or sunlight. Turn off some or all of the upper lights to reduce reflections. Play computer screen slightly downward tilt, use anti reflective screen, draw curtains can reduce reflection.

5、 Maintain good sitting posture

As the saying goes, 'head with pillow, elbow with support, back with support, foot with step', good posture can prevent neck and back muscle ache.

With a pillow on the head, you can relax your neck; with elbows on the table, you can relax your shoulders without hanging; with back, you can support your waist. The foot has a step, the foot is flat to the floor at least about 90 degrees, to avoid poor blood circulation in the legs, and the foot is easy to numb.

As for whether or not to use the lumbar support, you must sit in the innermost part of the chair when sitting, and your body will be back a little. If the knee socket is pressed to the seat cushion, it means that the seat back is too deep, the feet will be easily numb, and the blood circulation is not good. In addition, avoid sitting on a chair that is too high and has your feet suspended. Choose a chair that can be adjusted in height.

6、 Adjust screen

Use a computer screen with a resolution of more than 15 inches. The appropriate distance between the screen and the eyes is approximately equal to the length of the arm extension. If you look at smaller fonts, your body will lean forward and you can enlarge the font or page.

The top of the screen should be at the same height or slightly lower than the eyes. The line of sight should be in the center of the screen, and it should be a 10-20 degree downward angle. Use adjustable height seats, in addition, the screen must be kept clean, because dust will make the screen easier to reflect light. When the screen flickers or the image is blurred, it shall be sent for repair or update as soon as possible.

7、 Adjust keyboard

Place the keyboard directly in front of the screen. If you have to search for the keyboard all the time while typing, your eyes will be tired from continuous movement and refocus.

The best height of the keyboard is that when you put your hand on the keyboard, your arms can easily hang down close to both sides of your body, and your elbows are about 90 degrees. Dr. Liang Huiwen reminded that if you use a notebook computer in the office, you can consider connecting an external keyboard and placing it on a keyboard frame slightly lower than the desktop.

In addition, someone added a wrist rest in front of the keyboard, hoping to reduce the excessive back curvature of the wrist. However, with the wrist rest, the hand may deliberately accommodate it, but the posture is not good, and it is more likely to have local wrist compression point injury. It is suggested that the wrist rest should be used carefully.