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Why hasn't Conan been long? The 24-year time line is only 5 months in a row

Many of them are fans of Conan after 1995. In a flash, Detective Conan has been running for 24 years. Many of them are old. But Conan is still a child's grandmother of Tianshan Mountain. Why does Conan not grow old?

Recently, Conan's theater director revealed that although comic books have been serialized for 24 years, the original timeline has only developed for five months. Lichuan, the theater director, asked him to come to China to publicize that the original work has only been five months since its inception, and Conan has only grown up for five months.

The new gold medal entertainment watcher recalled that detective Conan started serializing in 1994, and the animated version premiered on January 8, 1996. Over the past 20 years, Conan, a famous detective, has accompanied many people's youth, but the fans are old, but Conan is not old. Why? The reason is: Although we have spent so many years chasing this cartoon, in fact, it is only five months since the beginning of the original work, and he (Conan) has only grown up five months.

Now the fans are not good. They leave messages one after another: Ten episodes are equal to one day, or many years? Besides, how many Christmas has passed in the cartoon? There are several Christmas Specials. However, some fans think: anyway, this cartoon is not a real character, and there is no point in discussing time.

It's hard to do so many things in such a short time, but anyway, let's thank Conan for his company!