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Can kaiselou be used to clean your face? Is kaisailu effective in removing wrinkles

Can kaiselou be used to clean your face? Many people think Kaiselu is a kind of medicine. In fact, many people use it to clean their faces. A customer came to the drugstore and bought a large box of Kaiselu. She thought she was used for defecation. In the chat, she said that she was used to clean her face, remove wrinkles and moisturize & hellip; Kaiselu can be used for skin care? Isn't this really a joke?! before returning to this question, let's meet Kaiselu: the main ingredients of Kaiselu are glycerin and pure water.

What's the effect of glycerin?

1. penetration

Therefore, it can absorb the water from other places to the intestine, lubricate and stimulate the intestinal wall, soften the stool, and play the role of increasing water and boating, so it can pass the stool.

2. Moisturizing

Glycerin is usually made from oil. Glycerin has a strong hygroscopicity, pure glycerin can absorb 40% of water, so it can form a film on the skin, which can isolate the air and prevent the evaporation of water, and also absorb the water in the air.

Therefore, in winter, people often use glycerin on the surface of the skin exposed to the air, such as hands and face, which can keep the skin soft and elastic, dry without damage from dust and climate, and play a role in preventing skin frostbite.

Attention! Although glycerin skin care is good, it is not suitable to use pure glycerin!

Pure glycerin is a kind of hypertonic oil agent with strong water absorption ability. It can not only absorb the water in the air, but also the water in the human skin. If pure glycerin is used for skin care, it will not play the role of skin care, but will cause the water in the skin to be analyzed and lost, thus making the skin more dry and burning.

Glycerin skin care usage:

1. Self made face washing water

Each time you wash your face, put a small basin of water, pour a small spoon of glycerin into the water and mix well, then put your hands on your face, or simply immerse your face in warm water. Then pour out the water and start the normal face washing process.

Efficacy: it can moisten and moisturize the skin, and help the skin to eliminate the fine wrinkles on the face.

2. homemade moisturizing spray

Materials needed: proper amount of purified water, glycerin and white vinegar

Methods: according to the proportion of white vinegar: Glycerin: pure water = 1:2:4, fully mix, and then put into spray bottle. When the skin is dry and short of water, spray some on the skin, which can alleviate the drying phenomenon.

Efficacy: it can not only relieve dry skin, but also whiten skin, brighten skin tone and make skin look more bright and clean.

3. Homemade glycerin toner

Materials needed: proper amount of white vinegar and glycerin

Methods: according to the ratio of white vinegar and glycerin 2:1, mix them well. After cleaning the skin every day, take appropriate amount of it and wipe it on the skin, 2-3 times a day,

Efficacy: This glycerine beauty method has the effect of moisturizing and moistening the skin, reducing melanin deposition. After one month of use, you will find that the skin becomes delicate, white and tender, clean, smooth, elastic and full of beauty.

It's not a joke that Kaiselu can protect skin!

However, it should be noted that:

1. Make sure that Kaiselu only contains glycerin! Kaiselu is not all glycerin. Besides glycerin, there are mannitol, sorbitol or magnesium sulfate. So you have to use only glycerin ingredients of the Kaiselu.

2. Do not apply the face directly with the plug-in lotion. Make sure to dilute it 0.5-1 times (add half of the plug-in lotion to one part of pure water)!

3. Do not use glycerin containing drugs (such as ketchup) for oily skin!

4. If discomfort is caused after use, never use it again!

There are so many precautions to use, why use Kaiselu... There are special skin care glycerin to buy, and it's really very cheap.