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It's forbidden to walk the dog and break the circle of friends again! Dog lover sang Xin

according to the latest news on Weibo yesterday, the latest policy - "the most strict dog walking regulation" was issued, which aroused intense discussion among netizens as soon as it was issued! To this news, a lot of netizens say this is unreasonable, dog lovers are crazy!

It should be said that it is easy to understand the original intention of banning dogs from 7:00 to 22:00. It avoids most people's outdoor activities, thus avoiding the uncivilized dog keeping behavior in contact with the outside world and reducing its external influence. However, it is only a theoretical effect. On the one hand, banning dog walking all day means that citizens spend most of their time on dog walking for a period of time, which may lead to a large number of pet dogs gathering in a short period of time, which may also increase the impact on other people. Such as excrement, barking, etc. It is important to limit the time for dog walking, which may lead to the dog owner's negative attitude. When people are quiet at night, they can ignore the dog, or even bring about a new 'human dog' conflict. However, civilization runs counter to the requirements of dog keeping.

On the other hand, in most areas, the requirement of civilized dog keeping is not the lack of rules and regulations, but the lack of implementation of rules and regulations. Therefore, there is no doubt that there is more uncertainty about how the new 7:00-22:00 ban on dog walking will upgrade the traditional management rules. If this rule can not be effectively implemented, then the so-called "strictest dog walking rule" is just saying.

In fact, from the perspective of most urban dog regulations, if the existing regulations are implemented well, there is no need to limit the time for dog walking at all. For example, Wenshan stipulates that all dogs in the planned area shall be kept in captivity or captivity, and shall not be released; when the dog is taken out of the house, the dog must use a dog chain, the length of which shall not exceed one meter, and shall be pulled by adults; when the dog produces fecal waste in public places, the dog owner shall immediately remove it. Obviously, if these Regulations are implemented, it can be said that the appearance of uncivilized dog keeping is basically controllable. So, on this basis, why limit the time for dog walking?

We also need to remind of the management mistakes. When we talk about civilized dog breeding, we don't mean that it's not allowed, or that it's only allowed to appear in public, but we need to make dogs civilized, compatible with public, and not violate the rights of others. A clear understanding of this will help dog owners and non dog owners to find the biggest common ground, as well as the implementation of management measures, rather than falling into a fight against each other. If we force civilized dog raising, it can only be achieved by letting the dog owners keep more dogs at home, or it is hard to call it a real civilization, and the civilized water level of the dog owners can hardly be really improved.

Therefore, the goodwill of '7:00 / 22:00 forbidding dog walking' should be understood, but in reality, managers should not be infatuated with how strict the dog regulations are, but ignore the cost and difficulty of implementation. At least in this stage, we should cultivate civilized dogs, increase the importance of rigid regulations, and make unrealistic innovations.