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"Public transport events" one after another! A driver in Yueqing pasted the word "forbearance" on th

Recently, the public transport events frequently happened, one of which is the tragedy of Chongqing Bus falling into the river! Today's sentencing for a man kicking a driver in Sanya has renewed the circle of friends! Now, there's a series of 'bus incidents'! Another hot search on Weibo has been renewed. A driver in Yueqing posted the word "forbearance" on the bus! Follow Xiaobian's steps to learn more.

The old driver is 53 years old and has been driving buses for more than 20 years. In the past 20 years, he has met many unreasonable passengers and suffered a lot of scolding! Because I am also a very grumpy person, so I put a "forbearance" on the bus, put it in a place where I can see it, and remind myself not to be impulsive at all times!

Just because of this word "forbearance", the passengers on the bus are also deeply impressed with him. This video on the network instant fire, a lot of netizens comment that this is not only to paste for themselves to see, but also to paste for passengers to see, impulse is the devil!

Other netizens said that it was really hard for the driver! It's really not easy to drive such a bus for more than 20 years! The driver's practice has won the praise of many netizens. I think everyone should learn from him. I hope that passengers will learn to be patient in the future, and don't have a tragedy again!