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How does showering water become smaller? The correct treatment method for the small effluent of the

When we decorate the toilet, we will choose to set up a shower room for the better environment of the toilet. Many families will choose to use shower showers for bathing, but after a period of time, they will find that the shower water is getting smaller. What's the matter? Is there any dirt blocking the shower water?

1、 Shower water is getting smaller and smaller

1. Reduced water pressure

The water pressure of tap water becomes smaller, which not only affects the shower, but also interferes with our daily life. If you find that the water output of other faucets is small, you can contact the property company or the water company to let them handle it.

2. Water pipe blocked

The water volume of the shower becomes smaller, and it may also be that the hose of the shower is blocked. All showers are equipped with a hose. If there is a blockage in the hose, the water output will be smaller. In this case, we can carefully check whether the hose of the sprinkler is broken. If there is such a problem, the water output is small because of the hose. We can replace it later or repair it on our own.

3. Nozzle clogged

The clogged sprinkler is also the reason for the poor flow of the sprinkler. Due to the hard water quality, the sprinkler is easy to be blocked by impurities after a long time of use, which will lead to poor flow or no flow of water. In view of this situation, we need to clean the nozzle.

2、 How to improve the water pressure of shower head

1. Replace the pressurized shower nozzle

The pressurized shower spray is pressurized before the hot and cold water enters the mixing valve, so that the water temperature, water pressure and water output of the shower can reach the maximum stability, without the phenomenon of hot and cold. Moreover, the pressurized sprinkler has the function of intelligent flow restriction, which can automatically adjust the water inlet area according to the size of water pressure, so that the water quantity can reach the balance, which can not only boost the pressure, but also achieve the function of water saving.

2. Hydraulic booster pump

If it is a very low water pressure family, just rely on the pressurized shower shower is not able to solve the fundamental problem. You need to use a hydraulic booster pump. The water pressure booster pump is mainly used for water heater pressurization, sauna bath pressurization, apartment top water pressure insufficient pressurization, solar energy automatic pressurization, high-rise residential or peak water pressure and other occasions with water pressure requirements.

3. Dredge the nozzle

(1) We can take a needle or toothpick to pierce the small hole full of scale, and then clean it. Because the small hole is free of scale, the water will become normal.

(2) If the scale of the shower is seriously blocked, the shower can be directly removed and soaked in the scale remover, and then cleaned carefully.

(3) We can neutralize it with acid, like rice vinegar and vinegar we usually use. We can mix vinegar and water in the proportion of 1:1, then immerse all the flower sprinklers in the solution and leave them for several hours to remove the scale.

3、 Is the booster sprinkler useful

1. It works in principle

In principle, the pressurized shower head is connected with the handle of the shower head by installing an energy-saving pressurized water inlet device at the end of the shower head. If water enters the shower head, the external air pressure will speed up the water flow and reach 30% of the outlet speed.

2. Technically

The pressurized sprinkler increases the water pressure of the sprinkler by changing the area of water inflow, but it can not really solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in the home. If the water pressure in the home is insufficient, but the water pressure is stable, it is very practical in the home. If the water pressure in the home is low enough, and it is not enough to pressurize the minimum value of the sprinkler head, it is not applicable.