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Can sitting on the moon wash your hair in winter? You should know the taboo of sitting on the moon i

it's winter again. Although it's cold, it still can't resist the enthusiasm of the baby. In the cold winter and the cold winter, the family is very happy. But for the puerpera, she has just experienced the pain of childbirth and her body is still weak, so she should pay attention to it very much. How is it best to sit on the moon in winter? What are the precautions for sitting on the moon in winter?

1. Maintain indoor air circulation

In order to ensure the appropriate room temperature and humidity, air conditioning and heating can be used to control the indoor temperature to about 25 ℃, or humidifier can be used to ensure the indoor humidity to be 55% - 65%. This temperature and humidity is best for mothers and babies.

In addition, we should also keep the indoor air fresh. We can properly open windows and ventilate every day, change the indoor air, and reduce the number of bacteria. But when opening the window to ventilate, we should avoid the indoor convection wind, and do not let the wind directly blow to the mother and the baby. The family can choose to open the window at noon for ventilation, hang the curtains first to prevent the wind from blowing in directly, and let the mother and baby go to another room. After ventilation, close the window and let the mother and baby come in to have a rest. Note that the bed of the new mother and baby should not be too close to the window.

2. The thickness of clothes should be moderate and hygienic

Even in winter, as long as the house is airtight, new mothers don't have to wear hats, thick clothes, cotton socks and shoes in the bedroom as they used to. If the new mother goes out, she can cover her head properly, but it doesn't need to be wrapped too tightly. She should wear warm clothes.

The new mother's clothes should be changed, washed and dried frequently. Because the new mother has a high metabolism. During the puerperal period, sweating is frequent, milk often overflows and contaminates clothes. In addition, lochia is constantly sent out, and underwear is often soiled, which is easy to cause bacterial reproduction and infection. Therefore, it is suggested that more attention should be paid to the hygiene and cleanliness of maternity clothes.

3. Clothes should be comfortable and not too tight

Sitting on the moon in winter, the clothes of the parturient should also pay attention to. It's better to take the principle of being broad, soft and comfortable, clean and comfortable, and warm and comfortable. Winter cold, some mothers think that close fitting underwear warm cold often wear. In fact, otherwise, sitting on the moon in winter, maternal clothing should not be too tight. This will affect the blood flow of new mothers, especially after breast compression prone to mastitis. Therefore, the new mother's clothes should be spacious and free to move.

New mothers should try to wear pure natural materials, underwear also try to choose absorbent cotton texture, because these cotton fabrics are soft, comfortable, breathable, moisture-absorbing and warm.

4. Take a bath

According to the traditional saying, the parturient women who have a baby cannot take a bath, especially in winter, it is better not to touch the water. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Because puerpera is easy to perspire, plus puerperal resistance is weak, bacteria are easy to reproduce and grow, invade skin and cause skin inflammation. In winter, new mothers should also pay attention to skin cleaning.

However, it should be noted that mothers who give birth naturally can only take a bath 24 hours after delivery, and can start to get wet 1 week after delivery. The mother of cesarean section should wait for the wound to recover before taking a shower. Don't take a bath or a bath, no matter whether it's a normal delivery or a cesarean section, which will increase the chance of infection. And the time of each bath should be controlled at about 10 minutes, and the water temperature should be around 36 degrees. After bathing, you should dry your hair and body immediately and put on clothes to prevent cold.

5. Pay attention to head cleaning

In the traditional custom, the parturient can't take a bath or wash her hair in the month, but also cover her head, especially in winter. In fact, these are due to the poor living conditions in the past, for fear that the puerpera will catch cold in the wind. In fact, now that living conditions are good, it is good for new mothers and babies to pay attention to the cleaning of their heads during the month.

During and after childbirth, new mothers sweat a lot, and their scalp and hair are actually dirty. Good hair cleaning can avoid skin inflammation caused by the accumulation of dirt on the mother's head after childbirth, and also prevent the baby from cross infection after contacting the dirt on the mother's head. However, it should be noted that the water temperature of the new mother's shampoo should not be too low. After washing, she should dry her hair with a hair dryer immediately to avoid being blown by the cold wind, which will cause cold stimulation to her head and headache in Nissan. After that, you can drink a cup of ginger soup and brown sugar water to dispel the cold.

6. Pay attention to waist protection

The new mother should pay attention to the waist care during the month, avoid lifting too heavy or too high objects, and pay attention to the action not too strong when lifting heavy objects. Regular activities under the waist, so that the waist muscle fatigue is relieved.

Especially in winter, when the weather becomes cold, it is necessary to keep the waist warm, add clothes in time, and avoid the cold wind blowing to the waist, because the waist will add the pain of the mother's waist. When sleeping at night, it is recommended to put an extra towel quilt on the waist and abdomen to prevent cold. When changing diapers, baths and clothes for baby, you can put baby and clothes on a high appropriate table or cabinet to avoid frequent stooping.

7. Foot care should not be ignored

In winter, when sitting on the moon, the mother should choose soft cloth shoes or cotton shoes. Do not wear hard soled shoes, let alone high-heeled shoes, so as to prevent the mother from foot, heel pain or lower abdominal pain in the future.

In addition, feet away from the heart, poor blood circulation, feet to do a good job in keeping warm, to avoid cold. In cold winter, puerpera is not suitable for barefoot. It is suggested that mother can wear socks made of pure cotton or wool to keep warm and avoid foot pain.

8. Do a good job in oral cleaning

Old people often say that mothers can't brush their teeth during the month, or they will get toothache disease in the future, and the knives and teeth will fall off prematurely. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. If you do not brush your teeth in the month, it will lead to a large number of bacteria growth and reproduction in the mouth, causing periodontitis, gingivitis and other oral diseases.

Especially in winter, some mothers are reluctant to brush their teeth frequently for fear of water and cold. They don't know when they are cooked. Food residues are easy to stay in the teeth and mouth, causing the growth of bacteria. It is suggested that mother should wash her mouth or brush her teeth with warm water from the first time after childbirth, and wash her mouth after eating every time to keep oral hygiene. In fact, think about it carefully. After the baby is born, you will often kiss the baby from mouth to mouth, which is easy to spread the bacteria in the mouth to the baby. Therefore, the new mother must do a good job in oral cleaning.

9. The mattress should not be too soft

In winter, with the cold wind, many people can't resist the temptation of soft bed, looking forward to having a good dream in the cold winter night. But it's not suitable for a mother to sleep in a too soft bed when she sits in the moon.

Because from the beginning of pregnancy, the expectant mother will secrete a hormone that can relax the ligaments and joints of the reproductive organs, which is conducive to the opening of the birth canal and the smooth birth of the baby, and this hormone will remain until 3 to 5 months after delivery. Therefore, the whole pelvis of the mother tends to be soft after childbirth. If the mother sleeps on the too soft bed in the month, there will be some resistance to the left and right activities, and it will not be easy to turn over and sit up. If you get up or turn over quickly, you must exert extra force, which is easy to cause pubic separation and pelvic injury.

So, it's best for a new mother to sleep in a hard bed for a period of time when she is in the moon, and then sleep in a soft bed after her body recovers.

10. Relax and prevent postpartum depression

After giving birth to a baby, the mother should pay attention to regulating her mood, and the family should also care about the mother. Especially in winter, when the weather is cold and the sun is not enough, new mothers are prone to postpartum depression.

At this time, mom can try to relax, find trusted relatives and friends to communicate, and vent her helpless mood. Mom can try to turn her attention to some pleasant things, and think of herself as her husband's wife and daughter loved by her parents.

At this time, the husband should pay more attention to his wife and spend more time with her to relieve her physical pain. The family can also help the new mother to deal with the housework and take care of the baby, so that the new mother has a happy mood to recuperate and stabilize her mood.