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How many times do you wash down jacket in winter? Proper cleaning procedure of down jacket

Is a large down jacket warm in winter? But it is very troublesome to wash. How many times is the best way to wash down jacket in winter? If the down jacket is dirty, you can wash it directly. If you don't wear it often and the clothes are not dirty, you can wash it once in winter.

Down jacket cleaning:

1. First, prepare a basin of warm water, which is about the same as the temperature of your hand. Do not over heat it, and put a proper amount of washing powder or liquid in the water.

2. Put the down jacket in it and soak it for 10 minutes, and then start to clean it. Pay attention not to rub the clothes with your hands. The dirty place must be washed with a soft brush or a toothbrush that is not used. Brush the key part and the not too dirty place.

3. After brushing, do not twist the twist to squeeze the water. Just stick it down and use clean water first.

4. When cleaning for the second time, it's time for tips. Drop vinegar into the water, and the vinegar for home consumption will be OK. Generally, the amount of cooking will be almost the same. Soak the down jacket in it for 5-10 minutes, roughly knead it, and pay attention to that when airing, do not twist the water like hemp, press two hands along the lines, hang it to dry.

5. Don't put it under the sun. Just put it in a ventilated place. It can be dried in 2 or 3 days. After drying, the clothes are very flat and not fluffy. Take them off and put them on the bed. Pat the clothes with a large hanger. Pat them everywhere. The down clothes are restored to their original clean appearance without peculiar smell and unsightly white stains.