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How long can you be pregnant again after abortion? Precautions and contraindications for abortion

How long can we get pregnant again after miscarriage? We all know that women need to recover and recuperate well after miscarriage, so can we start to get pregnant three months after miscarriage? How long can we get pregnant after miscarriage? Let's get to know.

With the expectation of the baby, many sisters choose to prepare for pregnancy again. When can they prepare for pregnancy at the earliest after the abortion? The pregnancy can be started at the earliest 3 months after the abortion, i.e. two menstruation intervals. After the second menstruation, you can adjust your body and try to conceive when ovulating in the month.

However, it should be noted that sharing a room is prohibited within one month after the abortion. As the cervix has not recovered after the abortion, the probability of infection after sharing a room is very high. One month later, it needs to be reexamined in the hospital. To find out the reason of abortion, if it is due to an accidental abortion, it is necessary to find out the reason of abortion when preparing for pregnancy again. If it is more than two abortions, both husband and wife need to do chromosome check to see if the abortion is caused by chromosome abnormality.

After fetal arrest, women need to do a series of thyroid gland and thyroid antibody tests, as well as cervical TCT and vaginal B-ultrasound tests, to exclude any gynecological causes such as submucous myoma of uterus and other causes of fetal arrest. Before preparing for pregnancy, we need to do a comprehensive physical examination, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, chest X-ray and abdominal ultrasound.

If all aspects are normal, go to the hospital for reexamination three months later. If the doctor says that the uterus and endometrium recover well, pregnancy can be started. However, abortion is also a small month. After abortion, the body recovers. Women still need to pay attention to these things: pay attention to personal hygiene and cleanness after abortion, especially the cleanness of vulva. After abortion, the uterine orifice is not completely closed. There is also a repair process of endometrium, so there will be bleeding at the beginning. In the meantime, always change the sanitary napkin and underwear to avoid bacteria.

Pay attention to the bleeding. If the amount of bleeding is greater than the usual amount of menstruation and bleeding time is more than 15 days, especially with odor, if the abortion has fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms, you should check the hospital as soon as possible, check whether the abortion is incomplete, and treat in time, so as to avoid more serious situation. Pay attention to rest, not to do a lot of physical activity. Generally should rest on the bed 2-3 days, first let the body recover, and then slowly get out of bed activities. Don't do any physical work for a month, and don't be too tired.

Diet more nutrition: first of all to ensure the supply of high-quality protein, adequate vitamins and inorganic salts. Especially enough iron should be added to prevent anemia. You can eat fresh fish, tender chicken, eggs, animal liver, animal blood, lean meat, soybean products, dairy products, dates, lotus seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables.

After miscarriage, because of the weakness of the body, often prone to sweating. Therefore, we should drink more water, sweat out more water-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Therefore, we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which also helps to prevent constipation.

Vitamin A has special benefits for endometrial recovery. Vitamin A mainly comes from animal food, especially rich in liver. Carotenoids from plants also have certain vitamin A activity. The combination of meat and vegetable can improve the absorption and utilization of vitamin A.