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How to prevent haze in winter? Do you have all these measures in place

As soon as winter comes, the weather in the north will have a very serious haze. The air is full of pungent smell. The visibility of the air is very low, which has a great impact on people's daily life. In addition, if the dust in the haze is serious, it will cause many people to get sick. So many people will wear masks to prevent it when they go out. How can we effectively prevent haze in the haze? Besides wearing masks, we also need to Is there any other effective way?

How to prevent haze in winter?

1. Reducing going out in haze days is the most effective way to prevent haze. If you have to go out, you must wear a mask to prevent haze. At the same time, you should avoid the rush hour of traffic jam and the road section with more driving and take more public transport.

2. Try not to open windows in haze. If you really need to open the window for ventilation, you can open it for about half an hour each time.

3. Residents who use air conditioning to warm their homes should open windows for ventilation to ensure adequate indoor oxygen. You can plant more green plants on your balcony and indoor, such as green corolla and leaf plants such as green pineapple, evergreen and tiger orchid, with strong adsorption capacity.

4. After going home, wash your mouth and face in time, clear the pollution residue in your nose, and prevent the harm of PM2.5 to human body.

5. Eat less stimulating food and more fresh fruits and vegetables. It can replenish many kinds of vitamins needed by human body, at the same time, it can moisten the lungs, remove dryness, remove phlegm and stop coughing.

6. Air purifiers can be placed at home to purify and filter the air, so as to create a safe, healthy and green environment.