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What do vertical lines on fingernails represent? Analysis of health status of nail with vertical lin

What does vertical lines on your fingernails mean? Actually, fingernails are also an important indicator of your health. If your fingernails are smooth, Congratulations, your health is very good, but if there are vertical lines on your fingernails, this part of your friends should pay attention to your health, so please pay attention!

What are the possible causes of vertical lines on fingernails?

The first is probably family inheritance. Some people are born with vertical lines on their fingernails, so if other people in your family also exist, you don't need to worry too much. The second is the lack of vitamin A, which is necessary to maintain the epithelial tissue. When it is lacking, there may be vertical lines on the nail. Nail appears vertical lines, may also be caused by anemia, long-term mental deficiency or lack of sleep, vertical lines may also appear.

The so-called ten fingers linked to the heart, each of our thumbs actually corresponds to an organ of the body. The thumb corresponds to the spleen, the index finger corresponds to the lung, the middle finger corresponds to the heart, the ring finger corresponds to the liver and the little thumb corresponds to the kidney. If you have vertical lines on your fingernails, maybe there is a problem with the corresponding organs. For example, if there are vertical lines on the little finger, it may be caused by your recent excessive consumption and lack of kidney yin.

If it's the middle finger, it means that your heart is short of blood supply. If there is dark on your fingernails, it may be related to angiosclerosis. Other fingers are also corresponding. Of course, the vertical lines on fingernails may be caused by external damage, which should be treated differently.

All of the above are light cases. In the above cases, the vertical lines are usually white and the performance is only not smooth. These are not big problems, but some of the vertical lines on the fingernails are made of color. The vertical lines on the nails are generally in two colors, brown and black, which are called longitudinal black nails in medicine.

The formation of Melania is due to the active proliferation of pigmented cells or pigmented nevus at the root of nail, which does not exclude malignant melanoma. Chemotherapy drugs, antiviral drugs, pregnancy or Addison's disease may cause longitudinal black nails, so if you have vertical lines with color on your nails, please see a doctor in time, and the hospital can find out the problem through observation.