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How does the baby that just born have fetal fat to do? Correct treatment of fetal fat

Women who have had children all know that when a baby is just born, it will be covered with a layer of white things, and the skin is wrinkled. The white things on the body are fetal fat. How to deal with the baby's fetal fat?

1、 When you're just born, don't rush to deal with it

Don't look down on this layer of white fetal fat. In fact, it has a great effect on the fetus. During the whole pregnancy, the baby can play a good role in protecting his skin by relying on this layer of fetal fat. After birth, this layer of fetal fat can also play a temporary protective role, such as reducing the friction between clothing and skin, because the baby's skin is very smooth and tender, which is an important reason why you should not rush to remove fetal fat for the baby.

2、 After 24 hours, you can try to remove the fetal fat

How to clean? To treat the baby's skin, can we use warm and soft wet towels to wipe the baby's skin carefully, just like the adults usually take a bath. Generally speaking, most of the baby's fetal fat will fall off automatically. There are only some partial fetal fat, which is likely to be hidden, so it can't fall off, which needs the help of parents.

3、 After 48 hours, it must be completely removed

If the fetal fat stays on the baby for a long time, what will be the outcome? First of all, this layer of fetal fat will not always play a positive role. If the baby is born and does not take certain measures to remove it, the baby's pores will not be able to excrete waste normally, because the fetal fat blocks the pores, which is easy to cause inflammation of the baby's hair follicles. Secondly, although fetal fat has a helping effect, after the baby is born, this protective effect, compared with the defense function of the baby itself, will also appear relatively weak. Therefore, when the mission of fetal fat is completed, it needs to be removed at the right time.

In addition, we need to remind you that if the parents have no experience, it is better to give the baby to a professional to help clear the fetal fat, so as to avoid the skin damage of the baby.