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How do you get the Alipay shortcut? Detailed operation process

now Alipay has been widely used, and Alipay has already opened the bus code service in a number of cities. However, there are still many small partners who are not sure how to do this. Let's learn about the Alipay shortcut production process.

Alipay bus shortcut production process:

Step 1: first, we need to create a shortcut, click shortcut application to create a shortcut, and then we enter an unnamed shortcut interface, which is the interface where we create rules, as shown in the figure below.

Step 2: we can create a text or a comment first, which is mainly used to explain the operation of the shortcut, so you can ignore this step, find the [text] action library under the search bar, and click it to enter the description text below the text, as shown in the following figure.

The third step: if you look at the shortcut tutorial before making the IT digital link, it is easy to believe that it is easy to think of adding URL components and opening URL components. These two 2 components can be found in the webpage. After adding URl components, we need to enter the URL path of Alipay bus code, as shown below.

Of course, there is a final step, which is to rename the shortcut and change a good icon at the same time.

The Alipay shortcut rule has been completed. It is very practical to run this shortcut after Xiaobian kissing. If you remember the shortcut of Alipay suite, which is worth making before you make it, then we can integrate the Alipay riding code into the previous Alipay suite, and we can not create a shortcut separately.