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What advantage does darling eat dissolves beans to have? How to choose soluble beans for baby

Soluble bean is a kind of snack made of yoghurt and fresh fruit. It is a product type of yoghurt freeze-dried product or freeze-dried fruit product. For many babies, they prefer to eat soluble beans, so what's the advantage of eating soluble beans?

1. Nutritious

The main ingredients of soluble beans are yoghurt, milk powder, starch, etc. soluble beans are nutritious and suitable for babies. Baby to more than 4 months can be appropriate to add some complementary food, such as soluble beans is often prepared by mothers for their baby snacks. The benefits of dissolving beans for babies are entirely due to the yogurt.

2. Rich in yogurt

Yoghourt refers to sour milk, which is made from fresh milk and fermented with active lactobacillus. It not only retains all the advantages of milk, but also decomposes lactose and protein in milk into small molecules (such as galactose) in the fermentation process, which is easier to digest and absorb. The fat content is also increased by twice as much as that of milk. For babies who drink milk and are prone to diarrhea, they drink yoghourt It is not easy to have abdominal distention, excessive Qi or diarrhea; because of the addition of active lactobacillus in yoghurt, there is a proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine; it inhibits the reproduction and function of putrefactive bacteria, thus promoting the secretion of digestive enzymes in the body and intestinal peristalsis, reducing the occurrence of diarrhea and constipation.

3. Yogurt can prevent cancer and anemia, enhance immunity, regulate the balance of microorganisms in the body, treat psoriasis and alleviate malnutrition in children. It is an indispensable food for children and adolescents to prevent anemia.

How to choose baby soluble beans? There are five kinds of formulas on the market.


Formula 1: yoghurt + puree / juice + 4 kinds of living bacteria;

Formula 2: yoghurt + fresh fruits and vegetables + 2 kinds of live bacteria;

Formula 3: yoghurt + vegetable puree or vegetable juice;

Formula 4: yoghurt drink + vegetable juice + syrup + 1 kind of living bacteria + emulsifier + sour agent;

Formula 5: yoghurt + fresh fruits and vegetables + slba 4 kinds of live bacteria.

Experts say that the real fruit yoghurt soluble beans must meet the following three standards:

1. It must be made by the technology of freeze-dried (FD);

2. Due to the low temperature (- 28 ℃ - 40 ℃) and vacuum production, it can retain the color, fragrance, taste, type and nutrients of yoghurt and raw materials of fruits and vegetables;

3. Keep the original taste and flavor of raw materials, and ensure the activity of Lactobacillus (the probiotics enter into the decay stage when the temperature is over 60 ℃).