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How to deal with the lack of milk for the second mother? Raise a baby with white fat

Since the country opened the two child policy, many families have come to this world, so for mothers, do you want to give the best things to their children? But sometimes mothers of two children often lack milk, what should we do?

1. Pay attention to mother's diet. Many mothers know that the best way is to drink more pig's hoof soup and crucian carp soup. But in fact, too greasy food not only can't make the milk more abundant, but also can block the breast tube, resulting in the mother's milk more insufficient. Mothers want enough milk to eat more fruit and drink more milk.

2. Let the baby suck the breasts on both sides. When the mother feeds the baby, she must let the breasts on both sides of the baby eat, which can stimulate the secretion of milk. If the baby eats a small amount, one side is enough, then you can suck out the thinner milk in the breast and let the baby eat the thick milk.

3. Let the baby suck more. The mother's milk is less may also be caused by the baby sucking less, must let the baby sucks the mother's breast more, this can stimulate the breast, secrete more milk.

4. Let the baby suck the breast empty. If the mother has less milk, it's better to let her baby empty her breasts every time she eats milk, which can stimulate the mother's breasts and produce more milk.