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Why is there a fawn in the Alipay ant forest? Claim the protected area in advance

The Alipay ant forest is set up for environmental protection. Collecting energy can form a big tree and then grow it in arid area. The purpose is to promote environmental protection and energy saving behavior. Recently, many netizens found that there are fawn in the Alipay ant forest, what is the matter?

Why are deer in ant forest?

In the ant forest of Alipay, a deer was found in the forest of protected ants.

At present, only guanba nature reserve and Yanghu nature reserve are available for ant forest protection, but they have already been collected

And the new conservation area is being prepared. If you want to have a deer's little friend in ant forest, you need to pay close attention to it,

Why is my ant forest protected without deer

Only those who claim the protected land can have deer. Therefore, we should first claim the protected land with energy. The manager of ant forest said that there are trees in the protected area