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How should drunk alleviate afflictive? Problems that can be solved by eating fruit

no matter we meet for social intercourse or friends, we can't avoid getting drunk. Because of our different physique, the symptoms of drinking are also different. Many people say that they feel heartburn, hot and uncomfortable after drinking! So, how should drunk alleviate afflictive?

how to relieve discomfort when drunk?

1. Grapefruit: eliminate the breath after drinking

A long time ago, our famous doctor Li Shizhen mentioned in her own book that grapefruit has a very good effect on alcohol. However, it has been proved that cutting grapefruit into small pieces and eating it with sugar can quickly eliminate the problem of breath caused by drinking. It also helps to sober up quickly.

2. Grape juice: relieve nausea and nausea after drinking

Drink too much easy on the brain, and for gastrointestinal damage is also very big. At this time, drinking a little sour and sweet grape juice can effectively alleviate the nausea and nausea caused by excessive drinking. Why can grapes dissolve wine? Because the fresh grape is rich in tartaric acid, it can react with ethanol in alcohol, so as to achieve the effect of alcohol. Tips: before drinking wine, eat some grapes to pad your stomach, which can play a good role in preventing drunk.

3. Watermelon juice: help cool down and stabilize mood

Watermelon juice, a nickname is "natural white tiger soup". Baihu Decoction is a famous Chinese medicine prescription, which can clear away heat and fire. After drinking, the body will be in a state of fever. Drinking watermelon juice is to reduce the temperature and promote the rapid discharge of alcohol from the body. In addition, adding a little salt to the watermelon juice can also help stabilize the mood.

4. Banana: relieve the chest tightness and palpitation after drinking

Drinking too much alcohol is prone to chest tightness and palpitation. This is because alcohol makes the blood concentration in the body higher, which is not conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body. But eating banana can increase the blood sugar content in the body properly, so as to achieve the purpose of diluting the blood concentration, and achieve the effect of alcohol. Banana has a certain calming effect, so it can help relieve palpitation and chest distress.

5. Tomato juice: relieve dizziness after drinking

Tomato contains a special fructose, which can accelerate the decomposition and absorption of alcohol in the body. After drinking more than 300 ml at a time, it can make the feeling of dizziness disappear slowly, and achieve the purpose of alcohol relief. And must beat tomato juice, add some salt to drink to be effective.

With these wine elixirs, it seems that they have opened the door of the new world and are not afraid of all kinds of liquor stores. Although there are so many good ways to solve the hangover, it doesn't mean that you can open your stomach and drink without any scruples. You know, it's not just about drinking.