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What's wrong with the heating effect? Analysis of the reasons for the bad heating effect

Now November has been opened. For the small partners in the north, the most expected thing is heating. After heating, many users say that the heating effect of the radiator is not particularly good. What is the cause?

First, look at the heat source, check the heat source plant and heat exchange station to see if they are normal. If they are not normal, they will cause a large area of non heat. If the power supply, water supply, pump and boiler are cut off, the heating will be affected.

Secondly, check whether the pipeline in the heating area building is corroded, leaked or blocked due to the disrepair. If the leakage point can not be found in time, it will cause the system to make up too much water, reduce the water temperature and even fail to operate normally.

Third, there are problems in the design, which will also cause non heat. For example, when the new building is connected with the old system, the height of the constant pressure high-level water tank is not approved, resulting in gas blockage; the pipe diameter and radiator are small; the pump output and heat source capacity are insufficient.

Fourth, problems in construction will also affect heat supply, such as unclean pipeline flushing causing blockage; installed radiators are 'fake, counterfeit, fake and poor' products; construction without drawing is not in accordance with the drawings, resulting in incorrect slope, air can not be completely discharged, etc.; construction Jerry cutting results in the decline of building insulation performance.

Fifth, internal reasons of users, such as covering the heating when decorating the house, artificially using long and large curtains to separate the radiator from the room, taking water from the heating system, causing water loss of the system, resulting in the radiator not hot, etc.

Sixth, the building near the heat source is not hot, or one part of the room in a building is not hot, the other part is not hot, the upstairs is not hot, and the downstairs is not hot, which is a systematic disorder. The heating system is composed of several heating circuits, and if the flow through each circuit is not its design value, it will appear supercooling or overheating, that is, maladjustment.

In a word, there are many reasons for the lack of heat in the building, and the specific situation is analyzed.

According to the experience of many users, in the District of central heating, the radiator is not too hot when the heating starts for a few days. If no measures are taken, the temperature will rise again in a few days, and the heating will start to heat up again. Why is this? The main reason is that the heating company is trying to warm up in the first few days, and the weather is not too cold, so the temperature of the gas furnace has not been adjusted to the maximum. After a few days of normal heating, the problem of occasional water leakage in the heating system was solved, and the weather began to turn cold, so the temperature of the gas furnace was naturally adjusted up.