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Huabei, what happens if the 10th is not paid off? Don't go to jail if you don't

Huabei is a popular way of consumption for many young people now. The 10th day of every month is the day of Huabei repayment. What will happen if Huabei is overdue? Generally speaking, the overdue days of ant flower are relatively short. For example, after paying off the overdue loan within 7 days, the function of ant flower can be used normally. But if you are 30 days overdue, you can never use ant flower.

1. Ant flower is seven days overdue

After 7 days overdue, the user can't use ant flower temporarily, and the user will return to normal after paying the overdue amount.

2. After 30 days overdue

After 30 days overdue, users should pay off the overdue amount and never use consumer credit products such as Huabei and tmall by stages.

Some people don't have ant flower after ten days overdue, which is normal. If you pay off the loan and communicate with customer service, see if you can reopen ant flower. If there are other circumstances, you can contact Alipay customer service to reopen the audit. If you want to use ant flower all the time, you have to repay it on time (before the 10th of every month).

Does Hua Bai charge for not paying in time?

If you don't pay on time, you will be charged a fee. If the current payable amount is not paid off before the repayment date, the corresponding overdue interest will be generated, and the overdue interest will be charged by 0.05% of the current outstanding amount on a daily basis. So my suggestion is that if you really don't have money to pay off all the money in a short period of time, you can choose to pay off in installments, with a period of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

But if you can't pay back the money you borrowed, and you don't plan to repay it in installments, you won't plan to repay it directly. That's absolutely impossible, and you can't bear the consequences. The money borrowed by Hua Bai does not return. First, it will affect your sesame credit score, which will affect your personal credit. It may affect your future application for loans or credit cards. Two, if it is serious, Alipay may sue you for repayment, and if you still do not, you may be turned over to the public security organs.

Do you charge for not paying in time?

It is different from the above-mentioned non repayment, which will result in overdue expenses. Overdue fee = overdue amount * overdue days * 0.05% (it is recommended to repay on time to avoid bad records affecting credit)

How to calculate the installment principal and handling fee

Installment principal payable in each period = total installable principal & divide; number of installments;

Service charge of each installment = total principal amount of installable repayment & times; total installment rate & divide; number of installments;

The amount is accurate to the point and included month by month, the balance is included in the first period, and the handling fee has been collected and not refunded