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How to effectively remove the smell of paint? How to remove the smell of paint

many decoration owners have had such troubles just after finishing the decoration of their houses. A pungent smell of paint is intolerable. The smell of paint can cause many diseases of human body. Therefore, the smell of paint in their houses cannot be ignored! So, how to effectively remove the smell of paint? How to remove the smell of paint!

tips for removing paint smell:

1. Buy some pineapples and put them in each room. Put more pineapples in large rooms. Because pineapple is a kind of coarse fiber fruit, it can not only absorb the smell of paint, but also emit the fragrance of pineapple, accelerate the speed of removing the odor, and play the best of both worlds.

2. Fill the container with cold water, then add some vinegar and put it in the ventilation room, and open the furniture door. In this way, the coating surface on the top of the wall can be protected with appropriate amount of evaporated water, and the residual odor can be absorbed and eliminated.

3. The newly decorated houses often have the smell of water and other pungent chemical materials. Put a broken pineapple honey in the house. Because the pineapple honey is big and has a strong fragrance, it can absorb the odor in a few days.

4. To quickly remove the residual paint smell, it can be used to soak cotton balls with citric acid and hang them indoors and in wooden furniture.

5. Putting orange peel, lemon peel and other items in the room is also a very effective way to remove the smell, but their effect will not be very rapid.

6. You can go to the market and choose some high-tech deodorant cleaners, which can remove harmful gases emitted by newly decorated houses and new furniture. According to the introduction of relevant people, these flavor removing cleansers are generally imported products, which use ammonia compounds to react with harmful substances, so as to play a role in flavor removing and cleaning. In the newly decorated room, the odor remover can be poured into the plate, put the plate in each room respectively, and then combined with the scrubbing and odor removing method, the unpleasant smell can be effectively removed after several days.

7. The most economical way to beautify your home is, of course, to put appropriate flowers and plants at home. The plants that can absorb formaldehyde include cactus, Chlorophytum, Kalanchoe (also known as Gerbera), reed, ivy, iron tree and chrysanthemum.

8. Two basins of saltwater can be put indoors, and the smell of paint will be eliminated quickly. If it's the smell of paint emitted by wood furniture, you can scrub it with tea several times, and the smell of paint will be eliminated faster.

9. Nano material environmental protection process painting: in the production process, nano composite materials are added, and the degradation mechanism is to convert these harmful substances into carbon dioxide, water and organic acids harmless to human body under the light conditions. Hanging your favorite paintings in the room is not only elegant and unique, but also can purify the room environment, which is the best of both worlds.

10. Formaldehyde capture agent. At present, the formaldehyde catcher on the market can actively absorb, capture and react the formaldehyde free molecules in the interior of the artificial board. Once the reaction generates the non-toxic polymer compound, it will never decompose, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating formaldehyde quickly and effectively.