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Can children drink red bull? Is it harmful for children to drink red bull

In daily life, many people often drink red bull. Red Bull is a functional drink, which can instantly supplement physical strength. So for children, can they drink red bull? What's the harm for children to drink red bull?

Can children drink red bull

Children can't drink red bull. Children are different from adults. Many functions of children's bodies are not sound, and they need to go through puberty development to reach the level of adults. Red Bull belongs to functional drink, which is a drink for adults. Children are not suitable for drinking and have certain side effects on their bodies.

What happens when a red bull kid drinks too much

Affect growth and development

The growth and development of children need a healthy diet. Red Bull, coke, coffee and other drinks contain caffeine and some preservatives, which affect the normal development of children's liver. Drinking too much of these drinks as a child will have a certain impact on the detoxification function of the liver in the future.

Affect sleep

Children are not troubled by insomnia, they can almost fall asleep when they are tired with pure mind, and the caffeine contained in Red Bull has the effect of exciting nerves. Children drink it easily to affect sleep, and regular drinking may cause habitual insomnia, seriously affecting the normal life of children.

Affect appetite

The content of sugar in Red Bull is very high, and it is easy to absorb glucose. However, there is no exact time for children to drink drinks. Sometimes they drink before meals. There is a large amount of sugar in the body for energy supply. If children don't feel hungry, they will concentrate on eating, and not much later.

Increased neural sensitivity

Children are born lively, the brain nerve is more sensitive to external food, and Red Bull also contains the components of excitatory nerve, children often drink it will obviously feel the improvement of its nerve sensitivity, some even appear neuroticism.