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Can the fruit that part breaks down eat after all? Finally, we have the answer

Usually we all like to buy fruit, but we don't eat the fruit in time after we buy it. If we put it on for a few days, some parts of the fruit will show signs of deterioration. So, can locally broken fruit be eaten? Finally there is an answer! Come and have a look.

can locally damaged fruits be eaten?

In the eyes of thrifty housekeepers, a partially damaged fruit can be eaten as long as the rot is removed. Many people must have eaten such trimmed fruit. Indeed, if the damaged part is gouged out, the rest is intact and looks like it can be eaten. In fact, is it true?

It's not that the partially broken fruit must be thrown away without hesitation. It's far more dangerous to your health than you think!

Microorganisms and all kinds of bacteria that cause fruit spoilage not only exist in the spoilage area, but also multiply in large numbers, spreading to the surrounding and deep of the wound. Even if the damaged part is removed, the bacteria cannot be completely cleaned up. Therefore, there are a large number of bacteria hidden in those seemingly intact parts, which are easy to cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other problems after eating. If water It's hard to imagine the harm to health caused by Aspergillus flavus, penicillin and other viruses.

Therefore, we must not hesitate to throw the partially rotten fruit into the garbage can.

But not only intact fruit can be eaten. When the scar on the fruit is caused by friction and collision, or frostbite caused by cold climate, you can eat it at ease.