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How to do old bad cough in winter? These cough remedies are highly recommended

Winter is the season with high incidence of cold and cough. Because it is cold and dry in winter, many people will have problems with their respiratory system. What about the bad cough in winter? What are the therapeutic prescriptions for cough?

Cough is mainly divided into acute cough, subacute cough and chronic cough.

1. Acute cough: refers to cough within 3 weeks, which is the most common symptom in respiratory clinic.

2. Subacute cough: the cough lasting for more than 3 weeks and within 8 weeks is called subacute cough, with complicated reasons.

3. Chronic cough: lasting for more than 8 weeks, several years or even decades.

In the treatment of cough, the type of cough should be distinguished. Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine can be used, but dietotherapy is the best.

The gold in the five elements corresponds to the lung in the five viscera and the white in the five colors. Therefore, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the recommended ingredients for nourishing lung qi and treating cough are white~


White radish: it is a kind of gold into the lung and has the nature of ganpingxin. It can return to the lung and spleen meridian. It has the effects of lowering Qi, eliminating food, moistening the lung and resolving phlegm, detoxifying and promoting fluid production, diuresis and defecation.

White radish combined with other materials is more effective!

Radish honey water

Principle: honey can moisten the lung, relieve cough, regulate the breath and relieve asthma

Method: 1. Cut radish into small pieces and put them into glass jar

2. Pour some honey into the pot

3. After soaking for one to two days, the radish will come out of the water completely, then scoop out a spoon of radish water and warm water for drinking

Note: suitable for hot cough patients, cold cough patients with caution!

Radish, pork lungs and Almond Soup

Principle: pig lung has the effect of relieving cough, tonifying deficiency and lung. Almond can relieve cough, relieve asthma, eliminate phlegm and moisten lung. Therefore, this radish pig lung and almond soup can manage the Qi transforming phlegm, relieving cough and nourishing lung qi!