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Do you want to go to the ring after having a baby? Is the upper ring harmful to the body

For many women, is it a very tangled postpartum whether or not to go on the ring, so what is the impact on the body after the ring? Is the female ring harmful to the body?

Once upon a time, shanghuan was the main contraceptive measure adopted by many women in China. The biggest advantage of using the method of upper ring for contraception is that it is easy to use. The method of contraception can be achieved by placing the IUD in the uterine cavity through a small operation. According to the different rings, the effective period can reach 5-25 years.

But when I was an intern, an old professor who taught me once said that "the upper ring is the biggest damage to women's bodies!", which still impresses me.

Although there are no clear disadvantages of shanghuan in various propaganda and obstetrics and Gynecology textbooks, we find that shanghuan still has a certain impact on the body in our daily work.

Menorrhagia: the most common side effect after the upper ring is increased menstruation. Many women will feel that the amount of menstruation after the upper ring is significantly increased. Before, they may only use one package of sanitary napkins, and after the upper ring, they may need to use one and a half or even two packages. And some people can feel menstruation time to become long, even before menstruation and after menstruation always drop vaginal bleeding, dripping. The above symptoms may be significantly improved after ring removal.

Vagina peculiar smell: most of the IUDs used in China are copper rings. Although they are inert metals, they still belong to foreign bodies. Even though the material science is so advanced now, some inert metals, such as artificial joints, will cause foreign body rejection and infection after a long time, let alone copper rings. And we also found that women in the upper ring are susceptible to a bacterium, actinomycete. And women who use the device for a long time are also prone to endometritis, vaginal odor and other problems.

Difficult to take the ring: many women are worried about the pain of taking the ring, and even want not to take the ring all the time. Because the metal ring is placed in the uterine cavity, it is a humid environment, and the uterus will contract, the endometrium will grow periodically, and it is easy to get stuck in the meat or even into the abdominal cavity after a long time. The longer it is placed, the more likely it is to be difficult to take a ring.

Pregnancy with IUD: Although the success rate of IUD is very high, the probability of IUD pregnancy is about 10%, especially in the case of ring displacement. Once pregnant with a ring is not necessary, it is necessary to terminate the pregnancy, which is also a kind of harm to the female body.

Ring displacement and ring falling off: in some women who are not suitable for the ring, there may be problems such as ring displacement and falling off. If you want to release the ring again, you need surgery, and suffer from the second crime.

So although shanghuan has its advantages, as a gynaecologist, I will not choose this contraceptive method!