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An inventory of representative works of Jin Yong: flying snow shooting White Deer

Cha Liangyong, the hero of the martial arts novel "Jin Yong", died Thursday at the age of 94, Hong Kong media reported. Mr. Jin Yong has devoted too many martial arts classics to us all his life. Do you know what it means to shoot white deer in the sky?

Jin Yong

Born on March 10, 1924, Cha Liangyong is from Haining, Zhejiang Province. Cha Liangyong moved to Hong Kong in the late 1940s, and later wrote many well-known martial arts novels under the pseudonym 'Jin Yong', such as the legend of the hero of archery, the hero of the eagle, the story of the Dragon slaying in the sky, the eight parts of the dragon, and so on. His works have been repeatedly reproduced in films.

From the late 1950s to the early 1970s, Jin Yong wrote a total of 15 martial arts novels, taking the initials of 14 of them, which can be summarized as "flying snow shooting white deer in the sky, smiling Book God Xia leaning on Bi Yuan", plus a "yuenv sword".

Where there are Chinese, there must be Jin Yong's martial arts novels. Jin Yong inherited the writing tradition of the classical martial arts fighting novels, and carried out an unprecedented technical and ideological revolution in the modern reading atmosphere, creating the style of 'new martial arts'. In the past 60 years, his works have not only been popular in the world of Chinese, but also reached an unprecedented peak in the creation of Chinese unique martial arts novels.

[inventory of Jin Yong's works before his death]

There are 15 novels written by Mr. Jin Yong before his death. They are called flying snow shooting white deer in the sky. The hero of Xiaoshu relies on Bi Yuan. They are respectively "flying fox biography", "snow mountain flying fox", "Liancheng Jue", "eight parts of Tianlong", "Legend of shooting and carving heroes", "white horse roaring west wind", "Luding", "smiling and proud Jianghu", "book and sword love and hatred record", "God carving swordsmen", "chivalrous men", "Heaven reliant killing dragon", "green Blood Sword", "Yuanyang sword" and "yuenv sword". As the hero of martial arts novels, Chen Jinyong's life has created countless people's Jianghu dreams, where there are bloodthirsty Jianghu grudges, as well as sad and beautiful children and girls. From the legend of Shooting Heroes to the heroes of the gods, from the story of killing the dragon in heaven to the eight parts of the dragon in heaven, Jin Yong left countless stories, and 15 martial arts works can be called classics. Tell me about your memories of them