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Does Estee Lauder 333 dry maple leaf look good? Experience sharing

Every girl should have a lipstick of her own. The beautiful maple leaf red in autumn and winter always leads the trend. Is Estee Lauder 333 beautiful? Let's see the experience of other little sisters!

Estee Lauder 333

The texture is very high, belonging to Velvet Matte texture. Although it's matte lipstick, it's dumb and not dry. It's smooth to apply, but it feels moist after you put it on your mouth. It's a very high Velvet Matte feeling. In the later stage, if I don't pull it out, my mouth will not peel all day long when I go out wearing it.

When it comes to Estee Lauder [333 dry maple leaf red], last autumn and winter, it was a brush that exploded the whole circle of friends. I can only say that Yang idempotent was the queen who brought the goods to the king. All the agents said "out of stock", and the price was also repeatedly raised. At that time, they watched all the gods' tests of color, but they didn't buy it. But this [333 dry maple leaf red] was really classic, and they wanted to buy it Hope, is other maple leaf red in my heart can not be replaced. This time, I heard that Estee Lauder 333 went out of the limited edition and went on sale, so I hurried to start! As expected, even the packaging was not disappointed: the paper shell was reddish brown, with exquisite maple leaf patterns; the metal tube body was decorated with golden maple leaf patterns, with a more advanced sense! There was also the signature of powers on the top.

What color is Estee Lauder 333

This lipstick is really super color, the upper lip is super beautiful warm red and brown, orange red with red and brown tone, it is a perfect combination of red brown, brown tone and orange tune. Very white color, very friendly to yellow girls, plain face without pressure. The color is also very excellent, with high color saturation. It is very friendly to me, a deep lip star. The thin brush is full of vitality, and the thick brush is very temperament. I really like the feeling of thick wiping. When I wear sweaters and coats in autumn and winter, I feel full of the sense of literary and artistic retro. I have a feeling of miscellaneous.

Is Estee Lauder 333 suitable for plain face

Usually, if you can only bring a lipstick when you go out, it's absolutely the lipstick. You can hold the heavy makeup and light makeup. It's very versatile, and it can't be painted wrong. It's suitable for all kinds of occasions, no matter in class or in an interview. The party the day before yesterday was painted with this lipstick. It looks like the whole person has temperament with the black skirt. The eye-catching degree is up.

Estee Lauder 333 real person color test

1. Hue: the hue is super positive warm red brown, the perfect combination of red and orange, which will not appear the so-called black in the straight man's mouth, but is boasted of good color.

2. Suitable for yellow skin: very white, white skin and yellow skin are suitable.

3. Texture: Velvet Matte texture, very high matte feeling without lip lines, smooth and easy to apply.

4. Color rendering: the saturation color rendering is very high, even the deep lip color can be easily controlled.

5, pull dry: because compared with the old version increased the hyaluronic acid essence, so there is no need to worry about lip wrinkles or pull dry, very smooth; persistence is superior.

6. Suitable for make-up: Dating make-up, student make-up, or plain face are all very suitable. When I often go to the gym, plain face must bring this one, which is not very abrupt but very natural.